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If you are an empty nester or will become one in the near future, you might be thinking about what will fill that void. A new career path could be your best option. The years of parenting are spent focusing on other people’s needs, often with little time for self-reflection. You may have been balancing a career with that parenting. Now you may have less to balance, but still need to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energized.

Career exploration is a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. It is a time to reinvest in you and learn about the resources available to you.

That is exactly what Deanna Frazier did. She was contemplating retirement from a senior-level store management position with Target after 27 years with the company.

“My 17-year-old daughter would be heading out on her own soon,” Frazier said, “and I knew we would be moving soon because of my husband’s job. It was time to think about doing something new. I had been half of our family’s income, so I also had a financial goal.”

Frazier had started working at Target while in high school and had earned a college degree in design while building her career with the giant retailer. “One obvious option was to take advantage of that degree,” she said. “But, exactly how to do that was a big question.”

The answer: An interior decorating franchise – Decorating Den Interiors

While exploring options, Frazier was able to spend quality time with her daughter before she went off to college. One of the options she discovered was Decorating Den Interiors.

“I met Jan Bromberek, a Decorating Den Interiors franchise owner, and, after training, became a decorator within her business in 2010,” she said. “I soon discovered that the training programs were so comprehensive that many rose to the top even without a degree. They all had talent.”

It was only a matter of time before Frazier realized that a Decorating Den Interiors franchise would be in her future when she and her husband moved to their new location.  That future was only two years later when she opened her own interior decorating and residential design business.

Despite her wealth of retail experience, she found that starting her own business was a much different challenge. “I was going to be in a new area where I didn’t know anyone. How would I get clients? How would I advertise and promote? How do I identify a target market? How do I manage my business and make sure it’s profitable? How would I get wholesale prices with suppliers?  Those were just some of the questions I had. “

“That is where the power of our franchise came in to play,” she explains. “The training and support I got from Decorating Den Interiors was immeasurable. And our vast supplier network is the foundation of our business model.”

Today she has outgrown being home-based and operates out of a studio with a team of decorators and support staff ( http://deefrazier.decoratingden.com ). She has won numerous business and design awards, the pinnacle of which was being named Franchise Owner of the Year in 2015.


Her growth was achieved despite having a gigantic Nebraska Furniture store open right smack in the middle of her local market. “It was daunting to think about how I could compete with that,” she said. “I walked every square-foot of that store to get familiar with their products and prices. Then I adjusted my business plan and my target market. Because of our wide range of home furnishings in our wholesale supplier network, I was able to continue to grow my business.”

“This has been perfect for me,” she says. “It’s been a wonderful start for the second half of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I should have done it earlier.”


A Family Affair – The Fraziers


For information on how you might qualify for a career in interior decorating and residential design, visithttp://www.interiordecoratingfranchise.com/

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