Is it truly necessary to take years of study while investing up to $100,000 to get a degree in Interior Design? Not Always

Once design students get their degree, they still require a business opportunity to launch a career. Today, many find themselves forced to become an intern, or to work “retail”.

For those with excellent talent and enough confidence, we have an attractive alternative. We have been helping creative individuals become professional entrepreneurs in the world of interior decorating and residential design since 1969. The total investment for our franchise, including comprehensive start-up and on-going training, marketing assistance and a supplier network, is less than a typical four year interior design degree – and much quicker.

Not everyone is qualified to take this fast-track into the industry. Whether we go forward together or not, you’ll learn a lot about the design industry by going through our mutual Discovery Program.

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Degree vs the Alternative School Franchise
Required computer design software proficiency
Focus on architectural aspects of commerical design
Interior decorating & design basics
Professional credibility upon completion
Account setup with 100+ product vendors
Personal website & social media tools
Ongoing training & local field support
Proven systems for marketing & business management
Name brand recognition nationwide
Power of franchising & buying power
Time before your launch industry Years Months