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It’s long been acknowledged that recognition is a powerful motivator. An employee survey conducted by the firm O C Tanner included the question, “What is the most important thing that your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?”  Respondents answered in their own words, providing a variety of responses, but a clear pattern emerged. 37% of respondents said that more personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often.  While other themes like autonomy and inspiration surfaced, recognition was the most common theme that emerged from responses. The study showed that affirmation, feedback and reward are most effective for motivating employees to do their best work.

Are you getting the recognition you deserve from your career?

In our interior design organization, recognition is an ongoing activity. Our interior design professionals receive positive recognition in many forms:   They are eligible for nearly 50 design awards each year, including Designer of the Year.  There are a hundred annual sales awards. Anniversaries are celebrated. Their room designs and awards even appear in national publications. And more.




Each year at our International Conference and Design Center, each of the honorees walk across the stage and pose for photos with our CEO or other executives.  It all adds up to a special kind of camaraderie not usually found among people in the same profession.

Even this year, with Covid19 Sheltering-in-Place, these interior design business owners and design team members were celebrated in three separate video conferences, with some 200 participants gathered for each event.






But how could I do this?

While Sheltering-in-Place, have you been thinking about making a change to something that would be more satisfying?..  Many of those award-winners mentioned previously were looking for just such a change.  The common denominator was that all had a natural creative talent, a love for decorating, a desire to be independent but have support, resources, mentoring, recognition, and tools for setting goals and achieving them.

Assessing the options

One of the tools often used in evaluating the fit for a career change is a personal assessment.  Often, however, they are generic assessments trying to cover lots of options and match a skill set to a variety of careers. Additionally, such assessments may not help you think about the possibility of having your own business.

Each of our award winners used a specially designed interior design personal assessment to help them explore the fit for transitioning to their own interior design business. Each also had a specially trained coach to help them learn about this proven interior design business model, along with the education, training, business resources, supplier network, camaraderie and more.

While an interior design may be a career you have thought about, you may not have included the idea of having your own business. There is a tool that has helped others with a natural talent for decorating who were looking for a new career. They, too, may not have been thinking about their own business, but once they envisioned the possibilities and the benefits, they fulfilled a dream.

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