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How do you build a marketing team for a sole proprietor interior design business? What tools do you have for differentiating yourself in your local market? How can you build your personal reputation as a “go-to” interior designer? For example, could you easily and cost-effectively form a team that could produce monthly Complete Marketing Packages that include a social media posts, a personalized email, a ready-made blog post, an article to submit to a local publication, direct mail and a design seminar power point—all on the same timely topic?


For Valentine’s Day, for example, the Complete Marketing Package our franchisee interior design businesses were provided was built around the theme: Is Your Home Romancing You?

In March, the Complete Marketing Package was timed for St. Patrick’s Day with the theme: A Shamrock Guide to Interior Design. For tax season, the theme was Working with an Interior Designer Need Not be Taxing. In the works are packages built around Memorial Day, Multigeneration Homes, Christmas in July, Awkward Spaces, and Relaxing Respites.
So, who does all this for these interior design businesses? A marketing and public relations team that works for all of our Decorating Den Interiors franchisee design businesses. It’s the “Power of Our Franchise.” The team consists of a sr. vice president of merchandising and marketing, a vice president of retail sales, a director of marketing, a director of public relations, a graphic designer/social media expert, two information technology professionals, and outside contractors. Several members of the team also have experience as owners of Decorating Den Interiors franchises.
Imagine the load off the minds of these interior designers when they can spend minimal amounts of time developing marketing materials. Imagine hiring this level of talent on your own as a small business.
If you are thinking of starting an interior design business or growing one you already have, visit https://decoratingden.com/interior-design-business/ and learn how you can have this high-quality marketing team working for you.


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