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10 Home Bar Ideas to Get Inspired


Whether you have a large family or you consider yourself the life of the party in your social circle, having a home bar or entertainment space in general is a blessing. Instead of making plans to hop from one dining establishment to the next, you can host guests for dinner, drinks and more without ever setting foot outside of your door.

Beyond the ability to relax and entertain in the comfort of your own home, having a home bar comes with so many benefits. You get to create a living space that matches your style and personality while simultaneously saving money and avoiding the overcrowding and closing time that comes with visiting a traditional bar.

Does your current entertainment space need a revamp? Have you always dreamed of adding a personal bar to your basement? No matter what part of the interior design journey you’re on, we can assist. Let’s go over the details of what makes a home bar, where it should be located and 10 different ways you can dress the space up:

What is a home bar?

In its simplest form, a home bar is exactly what it sounds like: an area devoted to crafting and serving drinks to people in the comfort of your own living space. But in most cases, you don’t just have a stand alone bar — you have a complete entertainment space that takes the atmosphere of a traditional bar and puts it right into your home.

A home bar is ideal for an entertainment space — it’s a cool feature that your family and friends can make use of, especially when they don’t feel like being in a crowded pub or spending money. Beyond the wet bar and storage for refreshments, there are other features and furniture considerations for your home bar and entertainment area, including (but not limited to):

  • Lounge chairs or a sectional couch
  • A coffee table
  • Bar stools
  • A television and sound system
  • Games
  • Empty space to gather and roam around

Your home bar is likely the focal point in the floor plan. However, you should make sure the rest of the room matches the vibe you’re going for. Ideally, you’re spending more time in your own home bar because you don’t want to deal with the crowds in the city. That means you need to make sure you have plenty of space to accommodate friends and ensure no one feels cramped or cluttered during their visit.

A home bar adds character to any basement.

Where should your home bar go?

If you already have a home bar, scroll down to the next section. If you recently decided that your home needs an entertainment space, here are some of the common locations to put a home bar:

  • In the basement. Whether you have a finished basement or plan to create a more put-together space in the near future, this is the ideal location for your home bar and entertainment area. Secluding yourself from the rest of the house is the easiest way to create a bar that feels like you’re away from home. Plus, you can curate a bar-style theme that won’t disrupt the design details in your other living areas.
  • In an empty room. Do you have an empty room in the house that needs a purpose? Create your own little lazy lounge with a stocked bar, bar stools, lounge chairs and other furniture that allows you to wind down and forget about your 9 to 5 agenda.
  • On the patio. The patio makes another ideal location for a home bar, especially in the summer. Entertain your guests with refreshing drinks, music and natural scenery from the backyard.
  • In the kitchen. A kitchen can become a home bar in an instant when you invest in a bar cart! This makes it easy to wheel out the refreshments when the kids go to sleep.

Figuring out where to put your home bar will vary from one home to the next. Hiring a personal decorator can be beneficial if you’re having a hard time determining where you want to create a cozy and inviting entertainment space.

10 ways to dress up your home bar

Making your home bar sophisticated and unique is simple with the right tips and tricks. Here are  a few decorating ideas to consider:

1. Decorate with garnishes
Every well-stocked bar has garnishes on hand. But putting them on display can add character to your bar. If you’re looking for a design idea that lets you decorate with your cocktail supplies, keep your fresh limes in a bowl, leave peppercorns on display and put out a bouquet of edible flowers.

2. Let your personality shine
No matter what design style you want to achieve, make sure you have fun while perfecting your home bar. Let your personality elevate your space to the next level — after all, it is your bar.

3. Invest in matching glassware
If you want to show guests how serious you are about creating a cohesive entertainment space, impress them by putting matching glassware on display.

4. Place a mirror behind the bar
Are you working with a smaller bar space? Place a mirror on the wall directly behind the bar to let the light bounce around the room and open things up. This is also the look of a traditional bar, which can make it feel more realistic when it’s time to make and serve the drinks.

5. Keep it stocked at all times
A well-stocked bar is a satisfying bar. Having all of the essentials on hand shows how prepared you are to party, and not to mention, it looks great too.

Keep your home bar stocked with matching cups and glassware.Keep your home bar stocked with matching cups and glassware.

6. Invest in comfortable bar stools
The last thing you want is guests complaining that they’re uncomfortable while lounging in your home bar. Since bar stools will likely be the seating style, make sure you invest in a set that emphasizes comfort.

7. Consider a theme
If you’re working with a bar that’s secluded from the rest of your home, like in the basement or a closed-off room, come up with a theme before you start decorating. Maybe your bar mimics a speakeasy, or you want a simplistic wine bar. The options are endless when it comes to home bar ideas. Coming up with a theme is a great way to create a focal point or main attraction in your house.

8. Don’t forget about lighting
Lighting is key when creating the perfect bar atmosphere. Hanging pendant lights with a dimmer is ideal, as they can set the tone for a relaxing vibe no matter the time of day.

9. Consider an ice machine
Having ice on hand is a simple way to take your home bar to the next level. You shouldn’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen for ice. You also shouldn’t have to visit the corner store to grab a bag of ice every time you’re expecting guests. An ice machine can be an impressive investment that makes a major statement in your bar.

10. Reach out to friends to create personal touches
If your home bar is the typical hang-out spot for you and your friends, ask them for some interior design tips or general decor ideas for the revamp. This is a great way to add a personal touch for the people who visit your space most frequently.

Reach out to Decorating Den Interiors for your interior design needs

Revamping or designing a home bar from scratch can be an intimidating task. If you have a lot of ideas but you’re not sure how to bring them together, get in touch with a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

One of our design consultants can come to your home for a complimentary consultation. During the initial conversation, you can share your style preferences and end goals for the home bar. While getting a feel for your expectations and personality, your design consultant will assess your living space to determine the next best steps.

Communicate with your personal decorator throughout the project to ensure everything looks exactly the way you want. And when it’s complete, you can sit back, relax and sip on the delicious cocktail from your new and improved home bar and entertainment space.

Are you ready to get started? We can’t wait to assist! Call Decorating Den Interiors today to get the project in motion.

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