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10 Large Living Room Ideas for Cozy, Functional Living

Having big, open rooms is generally a dream come true — except when you're at a loss on how to fill them. Without the correct spatial awareness and furniture layout, these spaces can quickly become more museum-like than homey and inviting.

Want to build a space that screams comfort without breaking the bank or having to do an overhaul of your existing furniture? Follow along with these large living room ideas to get some inspiration for your home.

10 Large Living Room Design Ideas

We know how frustrating it can be to have a beautiful room feel just slightly off. If you're having difficulty arranging your living room furniture to fill the space and feel cozy, we've got you covered. Try some (or all) of the following tips to transform your home from a blank slate to a true work of art:

1. Feature Built-In Shelves

If you have the space to install built-in shelves, do it! They're a great way to prioritize storage space in an elegant and chic way. You can even paint them for a bold and dramatic look. They could look great on either side of your fireplace or television, or you could choose one wall to stack multiple shelves on. If construction of shelving is not appealing, ask your designer about the many free standing shelves available. However you choose to accomplish this, just be sure to display stylish and high-quality items — whether that be your prized dish ware, favorite books or smaller pieces with sentimental value.

2. Get a Large Sofa

Not every house has space for a massive sectional sofa that can comfortably hold your friends and family, but the homes that do can benefit from the extra seating space. And frankly, who doesn't love to lie down and watch a movie without having to worry about bumping into those around you? Play it safe and simple with a neutral look that pairs nicely with mid-century modern or farmhouse chic homes, or be bold with a bright-colored sofa that can liven up a traditional or contemporary space.

3. Place a Big Houseplant Where Everyone Can See

Greenery has always been a great option for bringing natural design into any space. But a large plant — like a fiddle leaf fig or fern — can be a focal point and real conversation starter. Just ensure they have ample lighting so your plant of choice can thrive. Have an empty corner next to a window that needs some pizzazz or some extra space where a viney pothos could hang? Play around with plants that may not otherwise fit in smaller homes for a classy, jungle-inspired look.

4. Split the Room Up

In a smaller living room design, you must decide between orienting the furniture to face the fireplace, TV or another focal point — but in a bigger space, you can do both. Create multiple seating areas by splitting up the room into two (or more) spaces, using armchairs, sofas, lighting fixtures and tables in each. This allows you to better host large groups of people and creates a chic, functional living room. You can also get a room divider to split up the living area for a more closed-off furniture layout.

5. Accentuate the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace surrounded by lots of open living room space, it's time to make it the star of the show. No matter what size or style it is, find ways to draw people's eyes towards it. This could mean painting the wood to be a bright color, adding a big piece of art above it, or even building up the space more by adding wood paneling, stone tiles or brick over top of the existing structure.

lighting fixturesLighting fixtures make a space feel cozier.

6. Utilize Sconces and Big Floor Lamps

With more space comes an increased need for light fixtures, but you don't have to stick to small, seemingly invisible options. Light up your room with statement wall sconces, a tall floor lamp and intricate table lamps — furniture pieces that are just as much decorative as they are functional.

7. Make Use of a Sofa Table

You've heard of side tables, but have you ever seen a sofa table? Prepare to have your mind blown. Not only does this furniture piece provide even more space to set and display items, but it also looks chic and adds to the luxury hotel-esque feel of your space. Whether thin and sleek or sturdy and traditional, these taller tables can be placed on the backside of your sofa, always within arm's reach for your coffee, book or TV remote.

8. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Windows and Window Treatments

While this tip involves a bit more hands-on work than living room decor or furniture swaps, it's too good of a design trick to pass over. If you have rooms with wide-open, blank walls, installing floor-to-ceiling windows can completely alter your room's appearance. Not only does this let in all the healthy vitamin D your body needs, but it acts as a focal point for your room. And no window is complete without drapery. Ensure draperies are hung at the ceiling above the window and reach the floor, delivering a dramatic pop of color that can make your living room feel more welcoming.

9. Try Out Crown Molding

Giving your eyes more to focus on in your living room can keep it from appearing too empty. To accomplish this, install crown molding along your ceiling, either leaving it white to match the white paint or painting the molding with another color from the room. This beautiful design trick can help your room have more texture and design appeal, while also making the space appear just a bit smaller and more full.

10. Implement Stylish Storage

Within a large room, you have space for beautiful storage options. Take advantage of this opportunity by playing around with tall armoires or living room cabinets that can hide your personal items — and look fabulous while doing so. Use them to hide movies, remotes, extra charging cables and other items you'd like to keep behind closed doors.

How To Make Your Rooms Feel Less Empty: Design Tricks for Larger-Than-Life Spaces

Here are a few more tips you can use for any room in your home that needs a bit of tender, loving care — all easily accomplished without having to completely change the space.

Use Bold Rugs

By not leaving the hardwood or tiled floor empty, you can make the floor space feel less wide open. Mix patterns or select a bright-colored rug for a fun pop of color and visual interest.

Choose a Darker Wall Color

White or neutral walls are great for making your house feel clean and wide open. But for homes that are built with an open-concept living room layout or simply have lots of space, a light wall color can do more harm than good. Try darker colors like muted maroons, navy blues or greens to help the space appear cozier.

Hang Massive Art Prints

Fill up wall space and give your eyes something to focus on besides the emptiness and you'll instantly fill up the room without making it look cluttered. Or, hang a gallery wall of all your favorite family photos, beloved concert tickets or children's art projects in matching frames to accomplish the same look.

Paint (or Wallpaper) an Accent Wall

Pick one wall that seems to stick out the most and paint it a fun color, like sage green, dark navy or burgundy. Or, select a patterned wallpaper that matches the rest of your furniture and living room decor and stick it on that boring wall.

symmetrySymmetrically laying out your furniture can make the space more cohesive.

Create Symmetry

In wide-open spaces, it can be extremely beneficial to follow the classic interior design rule of starting in the middle of the room and working outwards. This helps create symmetry and can make any space seem more full. For example, begin by placing a coffee table in the middle of the room. Then, get two matching sofas and put them on either side of the table. After that, place identical side tables and chairs next to the sofas, and viola — you have an elegant room with plenty of seating for friends and family. 

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