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10 Ways to Style a Bookshelf

A bookshelf says a lot about your personality, from the books to the shelves themselves. Why not have fun and express your personal style through this home staple?

Get inspired! Read on and discover 10 unique ways to style your bookshelf apart from the crowd:

1. Stack some of your books

Although the classic rule of thumb is to place your books side-by-side (think library-style), a simple way to break up the shelves is to stack some of your books. To ensure it looks purposeful, be sure to leave space on either side of the stacked display or choose books that have the same colors on their spine.

2. Use a color scheme

Try to match your favorite books with the color palette of your living area. If you love bright, fun colors, put your books with bold-colored covers on the bookshelves. Similarly, if you love a neutral color palette, place matching books on your shelves. If you love a book that has a clashing cover, simply remove the book jacket — or create your own to personalize it.

3. Incorporate art pieces

Although bookshelves are mainly for books, a great way to add personalization is to leave space for art. Between your favorite classics and prized bestsellers, place your favorite framed print or stylish vase. This will help create the display of your dreams.

4. Match your aesthetic

Are you a committed minimalist? Opt for the "less is more approach" and make sure your bookshelves have space to breathe. This will highlight your prized collection while fitting cohesively with your room. Meanwhile, if you love maximalism, don't be afraid to add knick-knacks between your wide variety of books. This can break up the clutter while still filling the space.

Leave space on your shelves if you love the minimalist look.Leave space on your shelves if you love the minimalist look.

5. Add plant life to your shelves

A great way to add color to your shelves is through plants and flowers. Add potted succulents as bookends or place a hanging plant from the top shelf. This will create a warm, welcoming shelf that will brighten any room. If you're worried about maintenance or keeping moisture near your books, opt for fake plants that will add the same effect — without all of the upkeep.

A small potted succulent is the perfect decor addition to any bookshelf.A small potted succulent is the perfect decor addition to any bookshelf.

6. Organize your books by weight

To keep your bookshelf from looking top-heavy, make sure to place your heaviest and sturdiest books on the bottom shelves. Meanwhile, your lighter reads should be positioned near the top. This creates a balanced bookshelf that won't look cluttered or like it's about to topple over!

7. Add trim to your shelves

Want to play with color, patterns or metallic shades? Simply add a trim to your shelves to personalize the look of any bookshelf. This can be done with paint or wallpaper, depending on the material of your shelf.

8. Paint the inside of your bookshelf

If your bookshelf has back paneling, get inspired and paint it a different color. This will help your books stand out from the background, especially if it was originally a neutral color. If your bookshelf is in your living room, try matching your color to other pops of color in the room (e.g., colorful throw pillows or a patterned carpet).

9. Add light

Atmospheric lighting can make all the difference. Add a small lamp, twinkle lights or LED strips into your shelf to highlight your one-of-a-kind bookshelf. Not only will it make finding your go-to read easier, but it'll add a bright warmth to your room.

Lighting can help make your bookshelves stand out in a room.Lighting can help make your bookshelves stand out in a room.

10. Reach out to a Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator

Styling your bookshelf is exciting and it might inspire you to upgrade the rest of your interior design. That's where Decorating Den Interiors can enter the picture and take that pressure off your shoulders.

After you contact us, one of our design consultants will come to your home and provide a complimentary consultation for your bookshelf or room makeover. They will get to know you, your space and your personal style preferences to help you nail your design goals. From there, your decorator will determine the best plan to build your ideal bookshelf.

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