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2021 design and decor trends to consider

While it technically only took 12 months of waiting for 2021 to get here, many can agree that 2020 felt like its own decade. Letting go of months of twists and turns and stepping into a brand new year of opportunity should be top of mind for a successful January and on.

Textural design elements bring another layer of style to any living space.Textural design elements bring another layer of style to any living space.

This year may feel different in many ways, but there's one thing that always holds true once you've put away the holiday decor and said so long to the NYE celebration: Preparing for new trends in home design and decor! Now's a great time to excited about the latest style direction in terms of color, patterns, textures and furniture, and to say goodbye to outdated trends that we won't be seeing much of in the new year.

Here are 2021 design and decor trends to consider, plus ways you can incorporate them throughout your house:

1. Use of "Urbane Bronze"
As the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year, we expect to see this hue used in more homes in 2021. It was chosen with regard to the turmoil we felt in 2020 — the deep brown is associated with earthy tones and is considered an opportunity to make your home feel more grounded during the overwhelming moments we may continue to experience into the new year.

With darker wooded furniture making an impact this year, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing Sue Wadden said Urbane Bronze made a fitting connection to the trend and turned into a trend itself.

"One of our stylists works with a really luxurious furniture line, and they're shifting their wood tones," Wadden shared with Architectural Digest. "We're just going to see that out and about in the world, so that's how that theme came about and we realized [Urbane Bronze] was the right color."

A room filled with deep wood tones can benefit from this hue, adding another layer of richness to any cozy atmosphere.

2. Incorporating classic hues
Urbane Bronze isn't the only trend to think about, especially if you err on the side of caution when it comes to incorporating darker colors into your design and decor scheme. Shades of blue and gray may seem safe, but they're always trending and long-lasting. You can take a deep dive into these colors and repaint one of the rooms in your home, or you can follow a more subtle approach by utilizing the colors in throw blankets and pillows, or in sofas and lounge chairs.

Blue is a classic color that isn't going anywhere.Blue is a classic color that isn't going anywhere.

3. Taking a risk with black and white
If you're looking to make a big splash this year, consider taking a bold approach through a modern black and white theme. It's a dramatic way to start the new year; it'll be a huge hit with your friends during virtual happy hour with your new design scheme screaming in the background!

4. Saying goodbye to shiplap
Shiplap siding has been a trendy texture for years, boosting its popularity in homes across the nation. That doesn't mean it's a trend that's going to last forever, though. This style may be on its way to a screeching halt.

DIY Network's Rachel Street told Insider that now's a good time to pack up the shiplap and start with something fresh.

"Shiplap appears in nearly every TV home-makeover show, but there are so many other emerging ways of bringing texture into a space," she shared.

Explore tile and rattan walls this year instead. If you're a plant lover, you can even incorporate a wall of greenery in an area of your home that could use a little life this year.

Say goodbye to shiplap and hello to new textures. Say goodbye to shiplap and hello to new textures.

5. Connecting with a personal decorator for the latest design and decor tips and trends
Interested in incorporating one — or all — of these trends into your living space? A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can help you get started. Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss these trending options and use them to complement your personal style throughout your home.

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