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3 steps for creating a comfortable and functional guest room

As you wait patiently for the emergence of summer and all the warmth and sunshine that comes with it, you're probably getting ready for all of the events that the season brings along, such as graduations, weddings and family reunions. If your house usually plays host to these gatherings, you'll need a place for your loved ones to stay when the festivities end and it's time to hit the hay. However, you want to have more to offer your in-laws than your living room sofa. This is where a comfortable and functional guest room makes all the difference. 

Work with your personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to turn an unused space into a guest room that your visitors won't want to leave when it comes time to head home. He or she will assist you in finding all of the furnishings, decor and stylish accents that will make your space a cozy haven for your guests and yourself when the room isn't in use. Take these steps with your decorator to establish the guest room of your dreams!

1. Choose multifunctional furnishings
Furniture like ottomans and daybeds are ideal for spaces with multiple functions. A daybed doesn't take up much floor space, acts as a comfortable bed at night and a sofa during the day. Ask your Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator about daybeds that can be pulled out into full-sized beds and offer storage features to really maximize the space you have.

A chaise lounge is stylish and can act as extra seating space or even a place to sleep.A chaise lounge is stylish and can act as extra seating space or even a place to sleep.

Similarly, ottomans can add a lot to a room, thanks to their functionality. Place one or two next to an accent chair so your guests can use them as a coffee table, a place to rest their feet as they enjoy their morning coffee or as extra seating. Ottomans are very versatile, as they come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Your personal decorator can show you a range of ottoman options from Decorating Den Interiors and help you choose products that are going to complement your design style and match your surrounding decor. 

2. Make it double as a home office
There's no better way to establish a functional guest room than by decorating it so that it works as both a home office and a spare room for visitors to stay. Start by selecting a stylish desk that meets your work needs. For example, you may want a lot of drawers for papers and files, or a large surface space for your desktop. Your Decorating Den Interiors personal decorator will help find you one that fits your functionality and design needs. 

Use vibrant area rugs for extra color and texture and to introduce a homey, comfortable feel to the room. This is a great way to emphasize that the space is more than a home office, but a cozy bedroom as well. Area rugs are ideal for distinguishing different sections of the room. 

A dimmer is a good idea for your multifunctional space, as it allows you to have ample lighting as you work and enables your guests to set a relaxing ambiance when they're using it as a bedroom.

3. Pair a neutral palette with stunning accents
A neutral color scheme is the way to go for guest rooms, as this tends to make visitors feel most at home. After all, your nephew might feel out of place in a vibrant pink or purple room. Create a space that feels welcoming for everyone with a calming, neutral palette.

A neutral color palette will make every feel right at home.A neutral color palette will make everyone feel right at home.

Then, to spruce up the appearance, decorate with stunning accents like stylish pendant lighting and throw pillows with intricate designs. Head-turning artwork would give your focal wall the elegant touch it needs to complete your room's appearance. Your decorator from Decorating Den Interiors will suggest specific colors and accents that suit your wants and needs.

Before you start on any of these steps, request a Decorating Den Interiors design consultant to visit your home for a free consultation. He or she will assess your space and provide design ideas and furniture options based on the size and shape of the room along with your style preferences. Inform your design consultant of your exact budget and he or she will ensure that you don't go beyond your set number as you decide on each design element for your new guest room.

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