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4 ideas for a basement transformation

For some, the basement is the area in the home that's often avoided – especially when guests come over to hang out and relax. Its name often correlates with a space that's cold, dark and used for storage purposes only. When a basement is finished, however, it offers the perfect opportunity for another versatile living space. From a new place to entertain to an area you can call your own and retreat to after a long day in the office, there are plenty of different options for the basement if you want to utilize the space to its fullest extent.

Here are four ideas for a basement transformation:

1. Basement bar
Imagine this: You walk down the stairs, turn left and your basement is disguised as an intimate bar that's always serving your favorite cocktail. With the right arrangement of barstools, lounge seats, throw pillows and other chic accessories, you can have the most comfortable and classy drinking establishment on the block to share with family and friends.

Transform your basement into a bar and entertainment area.Transform your basement into a bar and entertainment area.

2. Organization station
If you don't have as much desire to turn your basement into a room that you retreat to daily, transform it from an outdated storage station to an organization haven. The right combination of customized storage systems can ensure you keep all of your trinkets in place, whether it's Christmas wrapping supplies, arts and crafts or tools. If your washer and dryer reside in the basement, even better – you can turn this place into your own cute and cozy laundromat with a relaxation station to wait while your colors tumble dry.

3. Playroom
Are you constantly searching for something for the kids to do, especially during the winter when they're snowed in during the break? Transform the basement into a playroom that houses a television, music system and all of their favorite toys and crafts so they have plenty of ways to stay entertained during the day. Decorate the space based on the personality of your kids so it turns into a place they love to visit on a daily basis. 

"Bring the fitness center to you."

4. Home gym
If you want to keep that New Year's resolution this year but simply don't have the time or energy to head to the gym every day after work, just bring the fitness center to you. With a few machines, free weights and open space to roam, you can knock out a great workout in the comfort of your own home. When decorating this space, keep colors light and vibrant to create energy and motivate you during your workout.

Tackling a new home improvement project on your own can be difficult, and can be equally intimidating with your spouse or a loved one if you don't have the experience. Don't let the idea of creating your new basement keep you from completing the room altogether. Call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to assist you in fixing up the living space.

He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your basement and discuss your ideas based on the allotted space and feel of the room. From there, you can go over these four transformation considerations – as well as many others – that you likely didn't think of in the first place. Once your consultation is complete, you can rest assured your design consultant will create the perfect plan for you and your family to transform your basement into the cozy oasis you've always dreamed of.

Interested in getting started? Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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