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4 patterns to pay attention to this year and how to incorporate them


Neutral themes have always been in style. They offer comfort, and offer flexibility. In general, it’s ideal to have a neutral foundation so you have more room to play around with decor and accents and switch things up over time. Incorporating trending patterns becomes effortless when you have a clean slate.

If you’re in the process of rethinking a current design scheme in your home, why not ditch your current theme and try adding a stylish pattern? Here are a few trending ones to keep in mind while adding new accents to your living space:

1. Chintz
Who doesn’t love vintage style and decor? Chintz is a take on floral decor, but with a classic twist. It’s an iconic pattern you’ve likely seen on the sofas in the thrift store, but it can make a lovely statement and bold move to place it in your own home in the near future. Perhaps a reupholstered chair or sofa of your own in this print can make an appearance in the family room or guest room. You can also incorporate the pattern in a more subtle way using throw pillows in the living room. Or, you may consider taking a chance with a bold headboard in a chintz print to create the throwback bedroom of your dreams.


Floral decor is alive and well.Floral decor is alive and well.

2. Banana palm
Summer is near and with it may come the desire to add banana palm print throughout your home. This pattern adds a hint of glam to any living space, making it a great choice for the master bedroom or closet, depending on where you get ready in the morning.

3. Modern floral
Floral is a trending pattern that’s never going out of style. Decorator Caroline Rafferty said that floral is popular across the board, but it’s becoming more apparent that people are interested in implementing this pattern on the walls of their homes.

“Our clients are gravitating toward fresh interpretations of floral patterns, like Raoul Textiles’ Celeste linen, which we used in this bedroom to upholster the walls,” she told Elle Decor.

Floral makes a great option for a bedroom but can make a serious statement in a bathroom, offering a refreshing take on washroom decor.

4. Geometric
Another timeless pattern that’s ever popular: Geometric shapes. Whether you’re hanging wallpaper to create an accent wall in the home office or you’re lining your entryway with geometric decor, there are so many simple, subtle ways to incorporate this trending pattern in your home.

Geometric design and decor is here to stay.

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Adding bold patterns to any room in your home can be intimidating if you’ve been playing it safe with solid neutral tones and colors for years. If you’re ready to express yourself and incorporate one of these trending patterns, but you’re simply not sure how to get started, call one of our personal design consultants at Decorating Den Interiors.

One of our experienced professionals will come to your home for a free consultation. At this time, the designer will evaluate the living space you want to revamp, provide advice on pattern choices and discuss your personal preferences so you can find the best trending pattern to fit your style wants and needs.

After the initial consultation, you can continue to discuss your ideas until the project is complete. This will ensure that you get exactly what you want, turning your room into a stylish, trendy masterpiece.

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