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4 pieces of furniture that’ll save you space


Decorating a home and filling it with furniture that makes the space more comfortable is key. It can be difficult, however, if you have a smaller living space and want to ensure said space is still functional and efficient. If you’re in the middle of a home revamp or you’re moving into a house with less space than your last, now’s a great time to consider multifunctional furniture.

Essentially, these pieces serve more than one purpose and prioritize functionality. Furniture that can offer relaxation and storage – on top of looking stylish – is a trend that will never die.

“Any way you can make your furniture multitask is a great way to maximize your space,” said designer Rachel Sheridan.

Beyond looking chic, multitasking is the best thing your furniture can do for you. Here are four pieces that’ll save you space in your living arrangement:

1. Ottomans with storage
Today’s ottoman is more multifunctional than ever. It can be the “cocktail table” in front of the sofa, while also safe to use to put your feet up to relax. It’s the extra seating for the conversation with those on the sofa or can be moved around the room as seating. There are also ottomans that have a “secret” storage capacity to help eliminate clutter, games or items we all have that we don’t want to leave lying around.

2. Sofa tables
The name is in itself – coffee tables are perfect for setting a nice fresh brew in the morning while you’re in between sips. But this piece of furniture can also be useful as a desk when you’re taking care of bills, catching up on work or completing your favorite crosswords. There are expandable options that elevate to your chest level so you don’t have to bend down and hurt your back in the process of using it – definitely something to consider.

Multifunctional coffee tables are stylish and efficient.Multifunctional coffee tables are stylish and efficient.

3. Expandable kitchen tables
When you love to have guests over, having enough space to accommodate each person is a must. But why take up the living space all of the time when they’re only visiting for a few hours of the week? Expandable kitchen tables allow you to offer that extra level of accommodation while saving the room when the visitors head home.

4. Multi-purpose cribs
This tip is great for the parents and soon-to-be moms and dads out there. Your baby’s crib can take up a lot of space. And once the two-year mark is up, you may find yourself sending it right to the basement or storage if you don’t plan on having any other little ones. Thankfully, there are a few options out there that make the crib more efficient for the modern-day home. For starters, there are options that include a changing table and storage system attached to the side, which can save you space that would otherwise be taken up in the room. Additionally, some cribs are now 3-in-1 beds, which converts from a baby’s crib to a toddler bed, right on to a young child’s bed. These are all options that can save you time, space and money over a couple of years!

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