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4 ways to make a small patio area feel larger


There’s no doubt that you’ll spend more time on your deck or patio this summer. It’s an easy, outdoor getaway, giving you a convenient way to escape from a long, stressful day. Those who have a small patio may find it more difficult to get comfortable, but there are plenty of simple ways to trick the mind into believing the space is much bigger.

Don’t let the idea of a clustered outdoor patio keep you from enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures in your backyard this year. Consider these tips for making this area more spacious:

1. Keep it simple
If you’re feeling claustrophobic every time you step foot on your deck, think about following a more simplistic set up. Too many colors, decorations and pieces of furniture can make a small space feel even more busy and cluttered. Make matters easier on yourself by removing everything from the patio and starting from scratch. Then, keep things simple and take a minimalist approach. Perhaps you can stick to a neutral color scheme and arrange a few lounge chairs and a small table to use for both dining with a loved one and hanging out with your friends.

Decorating Den Interiors Consider using less furniture to make the area feel more spacious.

2. Reconsider your furniture
You might love the patio set your parents bought you as a housewarming present, but if it’s too big and bulky, you’ll never find comfort in your outdoor oasis. Instead of using up the entire allotted area with large chairs and tables, find patio furniture that fits what you have and still leaves extra space. You can place a tall and narrow dining set in the corner and leave an open area for other guests to stand. Or, you can stick to one or two lounge chairs and keep this outdoor space as your own personal sanctuary. It’s important to think about how you envision using the space before you start buying furniture.

3. Choose multifunctional pieces
If you want to make the most of your furniture, choose pieces that can be used multiple ways. Multifunctional tables can come in handy on a small patio. For example, you can find a nice sized table that can be used for eating as well as playing cards. Likewise, a small side table can be used to place your morning cup of coffee and also hold your favorite plants. The options are endless when it comes to multifunctional furniture, just think about how many ways you can use a certain piece before you decide to make the investment.

4. Hang plants and flowers
Greenery and gorgeous floral arrangements can keep your patio lively and refreshed, creating the ideal atmosphere after a tiring, busy day. Instead of letting your plants take up too much space on the ground, hang and place them vertically. Wall planters make a gorgeous statement and are small-space friendly.

“Consider a hanging chair to make the space feel more light and airy.”

Continuing the vertical trend, you may consider a hanging chair to make the area feel more light and airy. Arrange a string of lights in a way that creates a floating border around the patio for a stylish and functional touch.

Summer is the perfect time to reimagine your patio, as you can continue using it well into fall. If you’re tired of feeling too cluttered on your deck, it’s time to reach out to a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. One of our design consultants will come to your house for a free consultation to evaluate the space and discuss your options for simple design and decor.

There’s only a few months left of summer! Take advantage of your time to spend in the sunshine and call a personal decorator today.

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