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5 key pieces every stylish bedroom needs

If you're consulting an interior decorator to design your bedroom, you'll want to create a cozy escape that welcomes you with open arms at the end of a long day. After all, your bedroom is your personal haven. When it comes to selecting the furniture, you'll want to have all of the key pieces that make the space functional and comfortable. 

Everyone knows that a bed and dresser are necessary for a functioning bedroom, but keep in mind that you'll need accents to complete the overall look and complement the theme that these bigger furniture pieces have established. However, with so many furniture options out there, from window benches to accent chairs, narrowing down your selection to just a few pieces can get overwhelming. This is why a lot of people work with a personal decorator who can not only help you choose, but coordinate these five key accents for your bedroom.

1. Nightstand
Nightstands provide essential surface and storage space for everything from your lamp and alarm clock to your reading glasses and books. However, don't underestimate the style that bedside tables can contribute to your room. Choose one that works with your bed's colors and designs for a coordinated look or work with an interior decorator to step out of your comfort zone and find a bold piece that serves as a stylish accent. If you have a large, shared bed, consider having a nightstand on either side for added convenience.

2. Accent chair
You don't need a lot of space in your bedroom to create a reading nook or cozy seating area. Set up an accent chair or two – or love seat if you have the space – in a corner by the window to establish a cozy area where you can relax when you're not in bed. The plusher the chair, the more enticing your seating area will be. Choose a bold color that pops to add flair to the space. Distinguish this area from the rest of your room while adding a personal touch by hanging photos or artwork on surrounding walls. If you don't have dimmers in your bedroom that can set the mood for reading or conversation, a floor lamp will do the trick.

An accent chair can create a coordinated feel and make the bedroom flow.An accent chair can create a coordinated feel and add an extra element of comfort to the bedroom.

3. Storage ottomans, benches or shelving
Decorate with furniture that has hidden storage benefits to use your space to its maximum potential. Upholstered benches and ottomans with storage room add texture and style to the area and eliminate the need for extra closet or floor space. A personal designer may be able to help you incorporate personalized shelving that works with your unique space and design theme. This is an excellent way to keep your bedroom clutter-free and organized, one of the keys to maintaining a relaxing personal escape. 

"Your rug should be 2 feet shorter than the smallest wall."

4. Area rug
Nothing creates a cozy, welcoming environment like a soft and stylish area rug. Treat your feet to a furry rug in the mornings or transform the ambiance of your space with a multicolored, patterned product. Don't forget that your rug should be 2 feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. If you have a particularly large bedroom, the rug should fit the configuration of the space and its furniture. A personal decorator can help you with these measurements. 

5. Vanity
Introducing a vanity to the area will automatically add elegance and style to your bedroom. Many of them give off a classic, antique vibe. Work alongside a personal decorator to find the perfect style and color to go with your room. In addition to their sophisticated appearance, vanities bring a lot of comfort and convenience to the space, as they provide a personal sit-down area and mirror for grooming and applying makeup. They also work as a storage area for belongings like hair accessories and jewelry.  

Once you have these five essential bedroom pieces, get creative and top off your new look with accessories like bedding and table lamps that work with the design theme, colors and layout of your bedroom. If your space features a wide range of hues and patterns, your decorator can guide you in finding the decor that will complement these important aspects of your room without going over your budget.  

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