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5 rules for arranging your furniture


Have you ever sat down in your living or family room and felt that something was out of place? Perhaps it’s the sofa against the wall, the coffee table that’s out of reach or maybe the placement or size of the area rug that’s supposed to bring everything together. But even after you finally put your finger on what’s wrong, you don’t know how to switch things up. Rearranging furniture can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

A few simple rules can help you along the way! Follow these tips while rearranging your furniture:

“Every room deserves a focal point.”

1. Develop a focal point
Every room deserves a focal point that emphasizes the style and character of the space. It can be a wall of photos or artwork, a light fixture, television set, mantel or any other piece you think makes the biggest statement in the room. Once you develop your focal point, you can arrange your furniture around it.

2. Keep traffic flow in mind
Did your last furniture arrangement make it difficult for guests to navigate around the living room? A space that feels cramped by too much furniture and minimal walking space makes the room less cozy and inviting. Always keep traffic flow in mind when arranging your furniture – there needs to be a clear path for walking around the room and into the next.

3. Don’t be afraid to float your furniture
One of the most common misconceptions of furniture arrangement: Seating needs to be placed against the wall. On the contrary, floating your furniture – or pulling everything toward the center of the room – is a popular design scheme. It’s the perfect way to divide a room if you have an open floor plan, and it also encourages steady traffic flow.

Decorating Den onlyFloating your furniture initiates intimate conversation.

4. Create an atmosphere for conversation
The space you want to rearrange is likely the living or family room. That means it’s an area where you, your family members and close friends will congregate while in your home. The last thing you want to do is shout across the room when trying to have a conversation, so arrange your seated furniture in a way that inspires opportunity for close, intimate chat.

You want to accommodate your guests’ needs as well – they shouldn’t have to hold onto their drinks all night while conversing in the living room. As suggested by The Spruce, every seat should have a table within arm’s length so that your guests don’t need to get up just to set something down. Use a coffee table and side tables to make this happen.

5. Experiment
The best part about arranging furniture? It’s placement isn’t permanent. If you move your sofa, chairs and tables around and you hate the way it looks, you can always start from scratch. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try multiple layouts. You’ll know when you find the right arrangement by the way the room makes you feel when you sit down to relax.

If you still feel intimidated by the daunting task that is furniture arrangement, perhaps you need some professional assistance. A personal decorator at Decorating Den Interiors can help! He or she will come to your house for a free consultation and provide insight based on your allotted space, current furniture arrangement and your own personal style. Once you mesh your ideas together, your design consultant will develop a plan of action to ensure your living room is more comfortable and comes together seamlessly.

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