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5 versatile furnishings that are worth investing in

As you and your personal decorator begin to design your home, you may find that there are a lot of furniture pieces and accents you could go without. However, there are a few pieces every homeowner should consider investing in due to their unique combination of practicality and style. Decorate your space with these five versatile accents. 

1. Console tables
Console tables can serve multiple purposes and be displayed in a variety of rooms. Work with your decorator to determine where your table would be most effective, whether it's the foyer, living room or dining room. If you have ample space in your entryway, a console table against an empty wall can add visual interest to the area and provide convenient storage room for belongings like keys, mail and purses. Placed along the back of a sofa or a stretch of wall in your bedroom or dining room, console tables are also great for displaying decorative accessories, such as plants or photos. Talk with your interior designer about the style you want. You could choose a table that complements an existing theme or select one that has a bold color and style for a striking contrast with surrounding furnishings. 

2. Statement mirrors
Mirrors add depth and visual interest to any space. They can also play a role in making the room appear brighter and more open because they bounce the natural light throughout the area. Your interior decorator will help you choose a style that works best for your living space. Select one with a dramatic design and unusual shape or finish to make your accent piece stand out. Mirrors may not be a large accessory, but the light, style and elegance they can add to the area makes them a surprisingly impactful addition to your room.

A stylish mirror can spruce up an space.A stylish statement mirror can spruce up any space.

3. Ottomans
Ottomans are very versatile and are available in many stylish colors and designs. Sizes range from square or round to rectangular and even hexagonal. Regardless of the size, there are many possible details and characteristics to choose from. For example, some ottomans are tufted, while others are tight, plain, buttoned, boxed or skirted. They can also have legs or casters. 

Not only can they be used for extra seating, but they work as efficient storage spaces or even coffee tables in the living room. Your personal decorator can assist you in ensuring you make the most of these practical and stylish accents in your home by helping you select the right materials, shapes, sizes and details.  

"End tables can have a major impact on your living room."

4. End tables
End tables can have a major impact on your living room from both functional and aesthetic perspectives. Like console and coffee tables, they come in many styles. While size is relatively the same for most end tables, rectangular and circle shapes are the most common.

These practical accents provide necessary surface space for everything from lamps to everyday items, like the TV remotes and beverages. Your personal decorator can help you make the most of your space with your end tables and find styles that coordinate with your room's existing theme. 

5. Love seats
Love seats are effective alternatives to sofas in smaller spaces and can be moved to other rooms when you want a change. For example, your love seat may have started out as an accent in your living room, but it might also make a stylish and useful seating area at the foot of your bed. Due to the high number of options you have when it comes to color, style and patterns, it will help to ask your decorator to guide you as you look for one that suits all of your preferences.

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