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5 ways to incorporate vintage pieces into your modern home


Nothing spruces up a modern home like vintage decor sprinkled throughout. Coveteur reported that sales of vintage tables and seating are up 64 percent and 21 percent over the last year, respectively, which shows that more people are starting to take advantage of the mixed modern-vintage trend. Not only do vintage pieces give a sense of value and durability, but shopping vintage is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option. Read on to learn how to incorporate vintage pieces into your modern home.

Use neutral colors
Neutral colors can make your token antique or vintage pieces stand out even more. Designer Tara Shaw explained to the Seattle Times that she likes to integrate colorful pillows or accessories for accents because this allows you to easily change them in and out for a new look. She adds that she likes her items to complement rather than challenge each other.

The Alberton Record also notes that using the wrong color scheme can set off the entire vibe of your home. You might be aiming for more modern chic, but with the wrong colors you could end up with a dated feel. One tip to maintaining your color scheme is to paint all of the walls, trim and ceiling the same color. This can help to bring more attention to any beautiful details in the room.

Know where to look for key pieces
It’s important to know where to find your vintage furniture or accessories. First, make sure you know your budget. This will determine where you should go to find the best pieces.

Shaw recommends that if you’re looking to save money, check out places like auctions, local flea markets and antique shops. You never know what great finds you might stumble upon here, and the prices are usually great. However, if you’re not worried about keeping prices low, you can go to more recognized auctions and antique shops to find some great pieces. Keep in mind that just because you’re spending more does not necessarily mean that your piece is any more valuable.

Take advantage of wooden surfaces

Any wooden surfaces that you already have in your home can easily be refinished to add to your vintage look and feel. Try using something such as acrylic gloss spray to give your wooden furniture or flooring a new shine. This will allow your wood to give off a vintage feel while looking brand new and spotless.

mid century living roomAdding a vintage modern coffee table is a simple way to bring a mid century flare to your living room.

Don’t count out online shopping
Typically, you don’t think of online shopping as a way to find unique, vintage pieces. However, after the COVID-19 outbreak, many more things are starting to shift to digital. This includes furniture shopping! Browse online for constantly-updated features and great deals.

Add vintage to the right rooms
Placing vintage pieces in the correct rooms also helps to provide the right type of “feel” you’re going for. We suggest starting with your living room, and if you’re feeling ambitious, try your bathroom too!

By creating a vintage feel in your living room, it sets the tone for the entire house as the living room is the main part of a home. As for the bathroom, it is often an under-appreciated room in the house that has so much potential for fun vintage decor.

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