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5 ways to make your family room cozy


With the season of fall in full swing, homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to get cozy and soak up autumn in all of its glory (especially before the snow rolls in). For some, that means taking advantage of the backyard and toasting marshmallows over the bonfire. For others, it’s about crafting the perfect pumpkin spice latte recipe and filling the kitchen with fall scents and pure bliss.

But if you’re not a coffee lover and s’mores aren’t exactly your go-to snack, you can still achieve the perfect seasonal sensation in the comfort of your own home. The family room is the ideal place to do this, creating a haven for relaxation that the whole family can enjoy.

Looking to revamp your family room into a place that exudes style and ultimate comfort? Here are a few of our tried and true tips for making the family room cozier than ever.

1. Take a rustic and minimalist approach to design and decor
Rustic accents and decorations have a way of making a living space feel warm and inviting. Wood, stone and similar textiles can create the ideal atmosphere for the family room — keep this in mind when choosing furniture and smaller details. When it comes to decor, a minimalist approach will keep this room from feeling cluttered and make it easier for guests to settle in and relax.

“If you’re looking for non-traditional seating options, try a conversation circle.”

2. Make seating your top priority
The family room should be exactly what its name implies — a room where family and friends can gather together and embrace each other’s presence. Optimal seating is great for giving everyone a place to get comfortable and wind down. Consider a cozy sectional with additional seating for large gatherings.

If you’re looking for a more non-traditional option for seating, interior designer Jenn Feldman told HGTV that a conversation circle is a route to consider.

“Instead of using a traditional sofa-and-chair layout, we opted for four oversized, upholstered swivel chairs that created a comfortable, laid-back conversation circle, all while keeping the room polished and pulled together in grown-up whites,” she shared.

3. Emphasize the fireplace
A fireplace and large mantel are two home features that any homeowner can feel lucky to have. If you happen to have this set up in your family room, make use of it. Decorate the mantel for the holidays leading up to the new year, or transition from fall to winter as the months pass. And this feature isn’t only aesthetically pleasing — it can also be a great source of heat on a chilly fall day.


Make use of your fireplace.Make use of your fireplace.

4. Consider mood lighting
Lighting can make or break the vibe in any living space. When you think about the kitchen or office area, you want ample lighting to get work done. In cozier spaces, like the bedroom or family room, lighting should be softer. Consider dimming features in your tableside lamps and sconces to create a cozy fall feel with ease.

5. Work with Decorating Den Interiors
Fall is here and winter is on the way. Is your family room still in summer mode? Do you need assistance getting it ready for the cozier months? Decorating Den Interiors can assist.

One of our interior design experts can come to your home for an evaluation during your complimentary consultation. At this time, you can talk about your ideas, your ultimate goals for the living space and how you envision your family using the family room over the next few seasons. From there, your decorator will provide guidance and expertise, helping you make the right moves to make your family room the cozy haven you’ve been dreaming about.

Thanksgiving is on the way, is your family room ready to host your guests? Contact a personal decorating consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get the project in motion.

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