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5 window treatment trends to try

If you're working with your personal decorator to design a stylish room with all of the right furnishings and accessories, you've probably found that your window treatments can make or break your success at achieving the ambiance you're going for. Let's face it, if you try to ignore your windows and put more focus on other aspects of your space, you're going to end up with a room that looks bare or incomplete. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect window coverings for your home, there's a lot to consider. Everything from the material you select to the color and style of your window treatments will significantly impact the look and feel of each room. Use these five window treatment trends to guide you as you work with your interior designer to find window coverings that meet all of your functional requirements and style preferences.

1. Natural, energy-efficient shades
The push toward a more energy-efficient world doesn't exclude interior design, which is why one of the biggest emerging window treatment trends this year are shades that contribute to an eco-friendly home. For example, plantation shutters, honeycomb shades and motorized blinds are growing in popularity. They're particularly efficient at managing natural light, allowing more in during the day for enhanced energy efficiency. Natural, sustainable woods, like bamboo, are also also starting to replace synthetics for blinds and shutters. If you're unsure whether traditional fabric drapery treatments or these trending natural wood shades will work best for your space, ask your personal decorator for advice. 

2. Custom drapery
No other window treatment has the ability to add more to a room than gorgeous custom draperies. A custom drapery treatment becomes the center of attention when it perfectly frames a beautiful window, tastefully coordinates with the upholstery in the room, smartly inserts rich colors, and gracefully pulls together the intended design scheme of the entire room. And, no custom drapery design would be complete without an elegant top treatment or decorative hardware to literally top it off.

Add lush sophistication to your room using a silk fabric in one of many embroidered patterns or a soft classy solid color. If a more casual look is your desire, there are many attractive solid or printed cotton fabrics from which to choose. Lining a drapery is always a must as it will hang better, last longer, protect your furniture and flooring from harsh sunlight and provide insulation around the windows. In order to make the right choice and find the perfect fit for your window treatments, working with a personal decorator will ensure you get it just right.

Elegant drapes add warmth and sophistication to any room.Elegant draperies add warmth and sophistication to any room.

3. Metallic touches
Metallic accents have taken center stage when it comes to home decor. Incorporating a brass, chrome or stainless steel table will always add a "wow" factor to the visual appeal of a room. Did you know, however, that this trend has also found its way to window treatments through the addition of metallic threads carefully woven through fabrics? The hint of a metallic thread in the fabric used in your window treatment will give that subtle flair to your room without making it look too flashy. Another place to add metals is the decorative hardware for your custom drapery. Decorative drapery hardware comes in many different metal styles and when combined with opulent finials will give your custom draperies and your room that added bling that makes a statement. Let the entertaining begin!

Beautiful metallic poles enhance the appearance of your stylish drapery.Beautiful finials enhance the appearance of your stylish drapery hardware.

"Roman shades work perfectly in areas where full-length draperies aren't practical."

4. Roman shades
Roman-style window treatments stack up evenly when opened and lay flat when closed, unlike most other drapery styles that take up more space and have folds and pleats. They have grown in popularity for their ability to contribute elegance and sophistication to a room without requiring homeowners to sacrifice the functionality of their space. For example, they work perfectly in areas where full-length draperies aren't practical, such as above the kitchen sink, the tub in your bathroom or window seats and benches. Roman shades feel right at home in a traditional scheme as well as a contemporary one. Ask your interior decorator which is right for you.

Roman shades efficiently control lighting and add style to the area, but don't contribute as much weight to the space as draperies do because they end at the window sill. Work with your personal decorator to find a fabric, color and pattern that work with your home. Roman shade window treatments come in a wide range of materials, hues and designs, catering to specific design themes. Some of the most popular materials include cotton, silk, denim cloths and jute.

5. Bold patterns
To really transform your space, window treatments featuring head-turning patterns are the way to go. Patterned drapery offer warmth and visual stimulation that make a room both attention grabbing and inviting. Your personal decorator will be able to suggest specific color combinations and designs that complement your own design style and budget, as well as surrounding decor and furnishings.

Bold designs and colors will draw the eye to the outside view. Many homeowners are turning to trellis patters and large-scale floral designs in particular to dress up their homes. Remember that the pattern that's going to look best in your space depends on the window you're working with, so it's important to have professional assistance when selecting the window treatment that works best for you.