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6 Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas


Your master bedroom is an oasis — a space for you to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. At least, it should be! If your bedroom is lacking a specific touch of opulence, then maybe it’s time to update your interior design.

If you’ve ever had a weekend trip away from home and stayed in a beautiful hotel, then you know how relaxing it is to wake up in a room fit for royalty. So, what if you designed your bedroom to look and feel like a five-star establishment? There’s no reason you can’t experience that same level of grandeur in your daily life.

To fully embody a space that rivals the Plaza Hotel, follow these luxury bedroom design ideas for your home.

Make your master bedroom a place you never want to leave by decorating it to the nines.Make your master bedroom a place you never want to leave by decorating it to the nines.

Picking Your Bedroom Style

Before going full glam and decorating your bedroom to the nines, it’s important to consider what style your bedroom should be. And, to make that decision, you need to know what fashions and options are out there. You don’t necessarily have to choose a specific design — maybe your preferences can’t be confined to a single category — but, pick at least one or two that you feel could be a jumping-off point as you plan your luxurious space.

Here are some common and luxurious bedroom styles:


This breezy and relaxed aesthetic will feel like the ultimate retreat. If you lean toward beachy colors like off-white, sandy beige, soft gray and shades of blue and green, then maybe this style is for you. This simple design can be made chic with just a few touches, which we’ll elaborate on later.


If your taste is a bit more eclectic and colorful, then a boho-styled room may be up your alley. You might think that this type of room can’t be made to look grand, but with the right design touches, it definitely can be achieved. This style uses neutral colors mixed with rich pops of hues color like deep blues, purples and magentas. Throw in some textured finishing touches and you’re well on your way to achieving the perfect bohemian room.

Mid-Century Modern

This style is a mix of modern and retro designs, resulting in a room with sleek lines, funky silhouettes and focal point fixtures. Use muted colors like greens, blues and oranges, and have lots of fun with both functional and fashionable furniture.


You don’t have to live out in the country to enjoy the beautiful farmhouse design. This style uses a lot of neutral colors like creams, whites, grays and browns, making it a timeless and traditional choice that many enjoy. Choose some vintage or rustic pieces, then incorporate a bit of modern flair. This balance equals a beautiful blend of both simple and lavish fashion.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of all your available design options, it can help you get the ball rolling when it comes to thinking about your own style preferences. Once you’ve got a vision, it’s time to start decorating!

Any bedroom can become a luxury space if you implement the right decor. Any bedroom can become a luxury space if you implement the right decor.

6 Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

No matter what bedroom style you opt for, you can add touches of luxury through your furniture and decor. Need some inspiration? Here are a few luxury bedroom ideas to get you started:

Oversized Motifs

On the walls of your bedroom, bigger can mean better. Pick oversized art pieces, canvases or prints for the wall above your bed. This type of art positively radiates glam and can add even more sophistication to your space. Pick motifs that match the bedding or contrast it in a bold way — just ensure they work well with the other wall art or decor in your master bedroom.


When it comes to rich design, it’s okay to go overboard with fabrics and layers. Use lots of different but complementing fabrics and patterns within the space to make it both cozy and classy. For peak magnificence and jaw-dropping design, use velvet, linen, cashmere, leather, suede, cotton and silk — the holy grails of luxury fabrics. Now, you don’t need to use all of these options, but pick a few and incorporate them throughout your room for bold contrast and pretty elegance.

Plush Upholstery

On the topic of fabric, you’ll need to consider upholstery. An upholstered headboard, armchair or bench can look expensive and classy without being over the top. Go one step further and pick a jewel-toned or pastel material to add an extra level of sophistication and color.

Four-Poster Bed Frame

When you walk into a fancy hotel, the first thing you look at is most likely the bed. Make your own bed your room’s focal point by adding a four-poster bed frame or a canopy (or both). All of these design features will elevate your room. Ranging from sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, a four-poster bed frame can add the drama your room may be lacking. A canopy can complete the look perfectly.

In addition to an amazing frame and canopy, adding luxury bedding can be the cherry on top of your beautiful personal getaway. Choose a fabric that complements the room and adds just the right amount of color and texture.

Ornate Wallpaper

Completely transform any basic bedroom simply by applying wallpaper. Choose either one or all of your walls, and pick a repeating, intricate pattern to put up. Some beautiful color palettes to choose from include blues, greens, pinks and grays.

Go Dark

In most instances, choosing a dark color scheme can make a room look smaller or more crowded. But, by picking a deep blue, purple, charcoal or slate gray, you can make your room look like a glamorous suite. To achieve this style, don’t choose lots of different decor pieces. Select a few exceptional items for accents — like a chandelier, large mirror or sleek bedside table — and keep the focus on the room’s color.

Bedroom Finishing Touches

After you’ve incorporated some of these beautiful luxury bedroom ideas into your home, it’s time to finish the look with decor. Picking the right type and amount of decor is important — you don’t want to overdo it or distract from the glamorous accents you’ve just added. Try putting decorations that highlight and enhance the luxurious parts of your room.

Here are some ideas that can refine and complete your master bedroom:

  • Gold and silver features.
  • Matching bedside tables in the same shade as the walls.
  • Double doors.
  • Chandelier lighting fixtures.
  • Upholstered sofa or chaise lounge.
  • Tall mirror.
  • Silk or velvet throw pillows and blankets.
  • Fuzzy rug.
  • Vases of fresh flowers.
  • Patterned drapery.

Tie your room together and accentuate the elegant touches in your master bedroom by creating the perfect blend of decor and luxury features. It should be simple enough, but in practice, the art of finding the right balance of style and simplicity can be difficult.

To fully put the finishing touches on your master bedroom, you may want the help of a luxury interior designer. Decorating Den Interiors has just the team of experts you need! We have years of experience creating rooms that our clients never want to leave. We can’t promise that we’ll make it easier for you to get up and out of your beautiful bed, but you can rest assured that you’ll love every minute you spend in your master bedroom.

After reaching out to us, you’ll be assigned a personal decorator who will take you step by step through the design process. First, they’ll visit your home to get an understanding of your personal style and better grasp the master bedroom design you’re looking for. Then, your interior design partner will go to the drawing board and come up with an actionable plan to create your luxury bedroom — all with your budget and desires in mind.

Ready to make your room the fabulous space it could be? Contact Decorating Den Interiors to get started!

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