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6 refreshing details for the guest room


Having the space to accommodate guests is so satisfying. Not only does it allow you to help friends and family feel more comfortable while visiting, it also gives you the opportunity to design and spruce up another room in your home. Making even the smallest adjustments to the guest room can completely transform the space and keep your visitors from ever wanting to leave!

While the idea of refreshing this room can sound intimidating and overwhelming, it certainly doesn’t have to be. With a few ideas and assistance from a personal decorator, you can make your guest room more cozy and inviting than ever. Here are six details you should revamp in your guest room before your visitors make their next trip to town:

1. Lighting
Natural lighting has a way of making a room more calm and serene during the daytime – the ideal atmosphere when you’re accommodating guests for days at a time. Reconsider your current selection of window treatments for something with more flow that invites the natural light in with ease.

Modern lighting fixtures can elevate a room almost instantly, so you may consider this adjustment for the guest space as well.

2. Headboard
Does the bedding arrangement in the guestroom have a headboard? If not, now’s the time to reconsider. A headboard makes an appealing feature in a bedroom, offering personality and style. Take things up a notch and invest in a piece that’s functional as well – a headboard with a top shelf can save you space along the bed, a detail that’s ideal for smaller guestrooms.

Bedroom with gray,white and silver color scheme.Consider adding lounge furniture to the room to accommodate guests during the day.

3. Ample blankets and pillows
It’s natural for guests to feel less comfortable when they’re not sleeping in their own beds, so try to make the bedding as cozy and inviting as possible. Offer ample blankets and pillows so that your visitors can adjust the bed based on their personal comfort level.

4. Lounge furniture
If the space in your guestroom allows it, consider adding more furniture than the bed. A stylish lounge chair can accommodate guests during the daytime when they want to relax, and it adds a hint of flare to the space, elevating the room to the likes of a modern day hotel.

5. Accent decor
The walls, floors and hard surfaces of the guest room shouldn’t be ignored – bareness can make your guests feel less comfortable during their stay. Add accent decor throughout the space that complements the mood you want to achieve. A stylish area rug can help bring the room together and provide comfort to the feet of your guests. Wall art and table-side accessories can brighten up the room and give your visitors something to talk about.

6. The finishing touches
Do you want to go the extra mile and impress your friends and family? Leave toiletries, snacks, beverages and other treats in a basket at the end of the bed to greet guests upon arrival. This makes the perfect finishing touch that’s bound to leave quite an impression.

If you’re already overwhelmed by the thought of refreshing your guest room, take a deep breath and call a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the space. From there, your design consultant will go over your ideas and offer insight based on the theme and decor you’re interested in.

Transforming the guest room doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just call Decorating Den Interiors for a helping hand so we can create the design scheme of your dreams!

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