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A Libra’s Guide to Interior Design

Astrology fans know that most of October belongs to Libra, represented by scales that reflect Libra’s fixation on balance and harmony. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. Balance also is fundamental to interior design. It refers to the proper distribution of objects and elements in a room to create equilibrium.

We usually talk of three types of interior design balance: Symmetrical. Asymmetrical. Radial.

A symmetrically balanced room appears more formal. Two sides of a room mirror each other with like objects. Symmetry in a room creates order, calmness and stillness. The pictures below are great examples of symmetrical balance.


Notice how all of the furniture is perfectly symmetrical, providing that formal look. Even the accessories on the tables are symmetrically arranged. Symmetrical design usually produces a calming and relaxing feel. It makes a room seem harmonious and inviting. Symmetry can make a small room seem larger. A Libra would surely love these rooms. They’re in perfect balance.



Above we see two examples of asymmetrical balance. A little bit of asymmetry in an otherwise symmetrical arrangement breaks up the formality and rigidity of the space. A room with asymmetrical balance will have lines, colors, forms and textures visually balanced with little duplication. Elements on either side of an imaginary central line are unmatched but appear to be in balance with equal visual weight. This type of arrangement will appear less formal and rigid and more energetic. It also enables you to use a variety of accessories. However, this balance is more difficult to achieve because you are looking at the visual weight of objects. You might have to consult with a Libra.



A central focal point with elements radiating from it or around it is called radial balance, as shown above. We see this type of balance frequently in dining rooms with round tables and living areas with seating arranged in a circular pattern around a round cocktail table. This is a more informal, inviting arrangement. Notice how the round table in the left photo provides a nice visual contrast with the long buffet on the back wall.

It’s important when planning your designs that you look at overall balance in the room. If you’re really adventurous, overall balance in a room can be achieved with a combination of symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance.

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