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Bold ways to style a bathroom


The bathroom is often considered a place for comfort. A space to gather yourself after a long day and put yourself together before the start of a new one. While this space is touted as a relaxation station, there’s no reason for dull design and outdated decor. There are various bold and adventurous ways to spruce up your bathroom space without taking away from a calming and cozy atmosphere.

If you’re currently in the brainstorming phase of redoing one of your bathrooms or you’re simply considering a revamp, here are a few daring design tips and ideas.

Painting the ceiling is another option to consider — the last thing you want to do is keep it bare when the rest of the room is bursting at the seams with personality.

1. Choose a daring color combination (and don’t forget, you can paint the ceiling, too)
Bathrooms tend to be covered in neutral colors — white, gray and similar tones are standard, but that doesn’t mean this space needs to be traditional in your home. Bold color combinations, such as rust and turquoise or navy and gold, are options that stand out and turn your bathroom into the next conversation starter.

2. Consider wallpaper instead
While painting the walls can make a dramatic difference, bold wallpaper can go the extra mile. There are dozens upon dozens of fun and bold wall covering options to consider — from bright pink oversized flamingos to abstract art and floral designs, as examples from Apartment Therapy showcase, there’s an intriguing option out there for everyone.

Bold wallpaper can make a major difference in the bathroom.Bold wallpaper can make a major difference in the bathroom.

3. Decorate in a way that showcases your personality
Decorating your bathroom in a bold way means stepping outside of the box when it comes to traditional washroom decor and accessories. Your wall art doesn’t have to showcase bathroom toiletries, and countertop trinkets don’t have to be pampering tools. Consider hanging vintage portraits and placing unusual vases and plants near the sink.

4. Let your mirror do the talking
If you’re looking for a single accessory that can make a major difference in the atmosphere of the bathroom, a bold mirror is a step in the right direction. Find a frame with an unusual design, style, texture or color that complements the tone of the walls and accessories.

5. Consider gold, bronze or black hardware
An elegant yet quaint consideration, gold or bronze hardware can take your bathroom from one level to the next. It’s a great opportunity to make the finishing touch that exudes a sleek and polished vibe.

Black hardware, on the other hand, can stand out as more distinct features in a bathroom filled with color. Both options are built to make a bold statement and stand out from what’s usually expected.

While the bathroom is a small living space, it can still be intimidating to redesign, especially when you’re taking on a bolder scheme. If you’re looking for professional guidance and assistance during the design process, contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors.

We understand that times are strange right now, and for that, we can offer an over-the-phone consultation. Otherwise, one of our design consultants will come to your home, free of charge, for a complimentary appointment to discuss your ideas, personal style and more. After the discussion, your personal decorator will devise a plan to create a bathroom your guests and family members will talk about for ages.

Winter’s the perfect time to take on a home project, especially this year. Reach out to a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started.

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