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Bringing the Outdoors In: Using Mother Nature as Inspiration


Those who live in colder climates have to occasionally deal with unbearable temperatures if they want to get a breath of fresh air during the Winter months. Want a way to get a taste of the calming effects of nature without having to freeze?

Biophilia centers around connecting people and nature within the home environment. If you choose to go this route for your house design, the style should include cues that mimic natural occurrences by bringing nature into the home. This can take the form of rounded walls, curved furniture, natural elements and warm colors.

If you’re a fan of fair weather and are dreaming of brighter days ahead, lighten up your space with the beauty of the great outdoors. Following these tips and tricks can help you feel like spring is blooming right in the middle of your living room — no garden, patio, balcony or terrace needed.

natural lightNatural light is paramount for outdoor-inspired homes.

Utilize Natural Light

You may be missing the sun for various reasons: It’s the middle of winter and the warmth is nowhere to be found, or you have very little natural sunlight in your space. In either case, there are ways to increase the amount of natural light your rooms get, no matter the season. Here are some tips to ensure you have ample light from outside:

  • Hang a mirror on a wall opposite of a window: Mirrors are great for an outfit check before leaving the house, but they also come in handy for reflecting light. If you have smaller windows that don’t allow much sunlight into the room, putting up a surface that reflects the sunbeams can make a huge difference.
  • Paint your rooms a neutral color: Dark wall colors — while beautiful — can leave your space feeling shaded and gloomy. By opting for a white or bright neutral color, you can make the space feel much brighter and more open.
  • Strategically place your furniture: Never block your windows or reflective surfaces with furniture. Instead, ensure that each piece is put in a tactical place that lets as many rays in as possible.
  • Implement skylights: While this requires a bit more work than a simple paint swap, integrating skylights into your rooms can ensure there’s always plenty of sunlight bursting through — no matter the time of year. Strategically place them where you spend the most time so you get plenty of vitamin C while still inside your home.

Incorporate Warm Colors

When you think of the world outside, you probably think of the greens, blues and neutral shades found in much of the natural environment. Well, those hues aren’t strictly meant to be seen from the view out your window. Bring warm shades into your home by including throw pillows, plush blankets, rugs, drapery, sofas and other key design elements in mellow and cozy hues that remind you of a beautiful spring day. Keeping the walls a neutral color is a helpful way to start each season with a blank canvas, then invite warm tones into the space through accessory items that can easily be swapped out and adapted all year long.

Play With Natural Textures and Elements

Before starting a design project focused on the outdoors, it’s pretty crucial to take a look around outside your home. What materials do you see that would look beautiful when brought inside? This could include wood, stone, rattan, linen and other organic textures that embody natural components of the environment.

Another thing to consider is that nature is fluid — straight lines and parallel structures aren’t seen often. Make your home come alive by replacing some of the sleek, modern pieces with unique and asymmetrical ones.

Invite Curved Furniture and Rounded Walls

Nature is not linear or parallel. Rather, it’s bending, curving and abstract. Mimic this style in your home’s furnishings by choosing pieces that are curved and more abstract. This will help your house embody the natural beauty of the imperfect shapes and fluid forms found outside. And if you have a rounded wall that you’ve wanted to hide or had issues decorating in the past, give it a moment to shine by making it the focal point of your room.

plantsRounded walls and plants are characteristics of biophilic design.

Become a Plant Parent

What’s more natural than plants? Whether you have a green thumb or tend to struggle with live plants, there’s a real or faux houseplant option perfectly suited for your home. The great thing about greenery is that it flourishes in all seasons, no matter the temperature outside. If you’re looking for some beginner-level flora — pothos, philodendrons and snake plants are almost invincible. And, they look spectacular placed on side tables, kitchen counters or in the foyer for people to enjoy right as they come inside.

Another way to incorporate the outdoors in your house is through bouquets of seasonal buds. Who said flowers were only meant for hot seasons? Get out your favorite vases and fill them with a colorful arrangement that’ll have you dreaming of April showers.

Partner With Decorating Den Interiors

Tastefully bringing the outdoors inside doesn’t have to be another thing for you to add to your winter to-do list. Decorating Den Interiors personal decorators love helping clients create a space they never want to leave.

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