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Celebrate Color and Culture With Vibrant Afrocentric Home Decor


Whether you’ve visited Africa several times or simply love the landscape and beautiful culture of the continent, it can be an inspiring part of the world to base your home’s design on. With vibrant colors and bold natural elements as key markers of this aesthetic, Afrocentric home decor has become a staple for lovers of African-inspired interiors.

Are you looking to incorporate characteristics of African decor into your living space? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s travel through the history of Afrocentric home decor and uncover tips and tricks for successfully nailing this design trend.

Bold geometric patterns and earthy tones are characteristics of vibrant Afrocentric design.

What Is Afrocentric Design?

Afrocentric design is a trend that uses themes and styles made popular by African culture and exotic taste. It’s characterized by bold geometric patterns, distinct textures and textiles and the balance of both earthy and bright shades.

This design is extremely important as it highlights the deep cultural roots that Africans share, and celebrates the beauty and charisma of the people who currently live or originate from the second-largest continent in the world. By incorporating this style into your home, you get to honor and acknowledge traditional artwork, culture and craftsmanship found throughout African countries.

History of Afrocentric Design

African decor has been a part of interior design for centuries. As vast as the history of the continent itself, this interior taste has morphed and changed over time, reflecting the diverse cultures and traditions of the African continent. The cornerstones of this design choice can be traced back to early African civilizations, where people expressed themselves and communicated with one another using various styles of art.

Some of the first African interior decor came from Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia, whose people used artwork to adorn their homes and other significant places like temples and beautiful public spaces. Today, African decor has gained global recognition and popularity as designers and homeowners alike attempt to replicate the unique charm, patterns and colors that are a pivotal part of African culture.

Incorporating the Afrocentric Aesthetic in Your Home

There are a few different color palettes that people can choose from, including classic black and white, darker colors like browns and charcoals, lighter, more warm shades like tans and yellows, earthy tones or pops of hues like reds and bright yellows. Be bold and daring with your shades, and choose powerful color combinations to make a statement and set your home apart from your neighbors. It works well to pair a few lively colors with the lighter ones or vice versa for an interesting, dynamic look.

Once you’ve selected your color palette, the next step is to pick a focal point that will inspire the rest of the room. This could be any number of things, from a vase of vibrant colors, a large sculpture, patterned pillows or African prints made into wall decor — whatever you want to be the crowning jewel of your living space will work perfectly.

Next, you can use the focal point as inspiration and decorate the rest of your home to match. Natural elements such as wood, stone, clay and woven fabrics are often used in this design to bring the outdoors inside. This organic fashion brings a sense of peace and tranquility that not all home designs can accomplish.

Mix modern and classic Afrocentric decor for a less traditional take on the interior style.

Including nature-inspired elements is often considered a simple way to make any room more relaxing and welcoming to guests. Another popular way to achieve this look is by hanging traditional masks and sculptures that are generally carved from either wood or clay. This not only adds interest to your space, but makes your home look like a museum, displaying unique pieces for everyone to enjoy.

While choosing how to go about this theme is completely up to you, you can make this time-tested design more modern by mixing bits and pieces of Afrocentric home decor with more modern or contemporary ornamentation. Modern takes on African design generally lean on the minimalist side of decor, using clean lines and bold prints. This take on the popular style isn’t confined to just natural elements, incorporating metal and plastic, among other synthetic materials.

It’s also important to note that you can play around with different cultures and styles. African decor is known to work well with modern, industrial and bohemian styles, as well as Southwestern, Indian and Moroccan cultural designs. Just ensure the incorporated elements complement rather than distract from each other.

Lastly, lighting fixtures are crucial to successfully achieving the Afrocentric style. It’s common for African homes to opt for ambient lighting like table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights. Other ways you can make the room cozy and comfortable are by placing candles or lanterns throughout the space, especially anywhere that may need extra brightness.

Partner With Decorating Den Interiors

Afrocentric home decor requires a balance of bright colors and authentic materials, meaning it can be difficult to successfully achieve without the right guidance. That’s what Decorating Den Interiors is here for!

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