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Celebrating Asian-Inspired Design


May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Asian Americans create so many beautiful and culturally significant designs all year round, but we’re taking some time this month to highlight some of our favorite designers and Asian-inspired decor pieces.

Continue reading to discover more about these incredible artists and their work, whether you choose to weave in these stunning designs in your own home or simply want to learn the names of interior designers who are changing the interior design game for the better.

Influential Asian Designers

Asian-inspired design consists of clean and well-defined straight lines, minimalist decorations and sleek symmetry. These elements allow you to effortlessly incorporate the theme into a contemporary setting with a few furniture and color changes. This style refers to designs from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. The most popular is Chinese-influenced design which is characterized by Zen-like aesthetic and simplicity.

simple designAsian-inspired design is beautifully simple and organically minimalist.

Designers like Helen Liu Fong and I.M. Pei — Chinese-American architects and interior decorators — helped pave the way for modern-day Asian-inspired design. They mixed vintage design with simplistic style to fashion a look that can now be seen all over the world.

The key element to Chinese interiors is that space reflects a sense of harmony and intricate decoration mixed with a blend of warm colors. Chinoiserie is a blend of elegant European design with intriguing, exotic East Asian artistic traditions and is versatile enough to work with every interior design style.

This look is achievable by incorporating several nature-inspired designs and stick-straight lines like the ones in the next section. Read on to learn how you can be inspired by the stunning fashion of innovative designers.

Asian-Inspired Design Trends To Pay Attention To

Now that you’ve been motivated by the several amazing designers listed above, it’s time to dive into some popular Asian designs that you should incorporate into your home.

Floral patterns are commonly used in Asian inspired interior design to add a touch of elegance and grace.

Fabrics and Wall Coverings

Asian-inspired design leans heavily on clean and well-defined straight lines to achieve a minimalist and sleek look. It’s also inspired by nature, making simple floral prints and painting-like patterns a popular choice for window treatments, wallpapers, pillows, blankets and upholstery.


Introduce a delicate touch to any room by adding detailed or hand-painted china as a vase or table centerpiece. Popular colors to include with your choice of glassware include blue, pink and red — all balanced out with neutrals.

dark woodOften, dark wood is found in Asian-inspired designs, and it works beautifully with this simple style.

Dark Wood

Ditch your pine or maple wood furniture, and choose a darker option instead. Using deeper browns works wonderfully with this style because most other hues incorporated in this design are light or neutral, making a mahogany or ebony piece really stand out.

Nature plays a significant role in Asian-inspired designs to create a harmonious and tranquil living space.

Use Nature as Inspiration

Asian designs and themes are largely inspired by the colors and designs of nature. Reinterpret landscapes of beautiful gardens or grassy mountains in wall artwork or drapery. Make your home a zen oasis by swapping out bold, bright colors for neutral and soothing ones instead.

Stone and Bamboo

One irresistible appeal of Asian-inspired fashion is the sustainable material choices. For your bathroom or kitchen, pick smooth, polished stones like river rocks for your backsplash or shower to bring another touch of nature to your indoors. Looking to add a touch of cozy, boho flair to your space? Bamboo blinds accomplish this, all while being better for the environment!

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