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Create a foyer that says “Welcome!” to all


No pressure, but when you invite guests over for the first time, your foyer is your home’s first impression. It’s your immediate chance to show off your personality through aesthetics and make your guests feel welcome. This summer, it’s the perfect time to work with your Decorating Den Interiors designer to create a welcoming foyer.

Check out some of these tips for that will immediately make your visitors feel right at home:

It’s all about the lighting
Do you want your guests to feel like they’re entering a creepy haunted house? Of course not! But they will feel that way if you have a dingy entryway. Lighting is one of the first things your visitors will notice, so be sure you pick out the perfect lighting fixtures. Your Decorating Den Interiors personal designer can guide your eye through plenty of selections from modern ceiling light designs to classic chandeliers – anything to accent your personal taste.

Organize the clutter
Naturally, your own family members aid to that clutter when they run in and immediately drop off book bags, briefcases, keys or piles of mail. In the end, it all starts to add up, so you need to consult with your Decorating Den Interiors designer to help you manage the could-be mess.

“[Create] a ‘drop zone.'”

Simpleigh Organized home improvement blog suggested creating a “drop zone.” This is an area where you can store all the things you take off or put down when you enter your home.

Pick from a vast selection of chic entryway consoles or chests that double as a place for you to drop keys and store shoes and backpacks. This way, your guests never have to see your family’s clutter. Or consider an armoire so your foyer has a stylish place to conceal coats. If your foyer already has a closet, let your personal designer help you maximize that space as well.

Manage incoming – and outgoing – debris
Next, you have to consider the fact that your foyer has the potential to be one of the dirties places in the house. Think about it: You’re guests are arriving and weather permitting, might be tracking in some dirt or debris. They’ll take their coats and shoes off, but if you don’t have a place to store them, it could lead to a big mess. Style with a luxurious, plush rug to minimize the appearance of dirt. InStyle Magazine even said that a rug is one of your foyer’s must-have items that will make your home more welcoming – stepping on a soft rug has the instant ability to put your whole body into relaxation mode, doesn’t it?

Customize your foyer with Decorating Den Interiors personal designers and furnishings. Customize your foyer with Decorating Den Interiors personal designers and furnishings.

Fresh accessories  
No detail is too small when it comes to a welcoming foyer. Use mirrors to make your entryway appear bigger – and to give your guests a chance to check their appearance when they walk in. However, you don’t want to go overboard with your accessories – otherwise you risk looking like you don’t know how to design. Fortunately, your personal designer from Decorating Den Interiors has your back to help you customize your foyer with those final touches. InStyle suggested bright pieces of artwork with colors like blue or yellow that evoke the feeling of happiness and can dually act as a lighthearted conversation piece.

And of course, don’t forget to give your guests a fresh scent when they walk in. Arrange a bouquet of seasonal flowers like lilacs and lilies to give your home a nice clean smell that will make anyone who enters feel right at home. Just be sure to switch them for a new arrangement once they start to die, otherwise you could sour the ambience!