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Create an outdoor summer movie theater in your own yard


With everything happening in the world, the warm weather is something that’s well-deserved across the nation. More opportunity to spend outdoors means tending your garden, swimming in the pool and soaking up the sun.

The fun doesn’t have to end when the sun sets, however. Why not keep the party going late into the night with your own backyard movie theater? With the right furniture, mood lighting, accessories and treats, you can achieve the relaxing atmosphere you’ve been craving for months.

Create your own backyard movie theater with the following tips:

1. Set the scene
First, establish where you envision yourself and family members getting comfortable for the viewing. If you have an empty wall, such as the side of the house, garage or shed, take advantage of it – just as long as there’s a place to gather around it. If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to watch the movies, the Garden Glove recommended hanging a sheet instead. Then, invest in a projector that makes it easy to access your favorite flicks for the late-night showings.

2. Invest in cozy furniture and accessories
Once you’ve established the main feature of the theater, it’s time to make the space as comfortable as can be. Arrange your patio furniture so it’s facing the screen and make sure to go overboard on the throw pillows and blankets. Just because it’s warm outside, doesn’t mean your family members and guests don’t want to snuggle up during the rom-com.

Find an empty wall you can use to as a slate to project your movie.Find an empty wall you can use to as a slate to project your movie.

3. Don’t forget the extra lighting
While you don’t want the movie theater to be fully lit during the showing, you still need to create a space that’s easy to navigate when guests need to get up to freshen up or grab a drink. String lighting doesn’t only illuminate the way, it also adds a gorgeous, modern ambiance to the outdoor movie theater. Add a dimmer to the lighting to take things to the next level and really create that night-out-at-the-movies type of vibe.

4. Create your own bar for refreshments
What’s a movie viewing without snacks and drinks? Grab two rolling carts and arrange one with the theater essentials, such as chocolate, popcorn and soft pretzels. The other cart can be both adult and kid-friendly – an assortment of juice and soda is perfect for the kids, but can also come in handy for the adults who need a mixer or just don’t feel like consuming alcohol. Take requests from your guests about what drinks they want to enjoy for the movie night to please everyone. And don’t forget the water! Hydration is key.

As the sun and warm temperatures have already graced us with their presence. Don’t waste another minute of the amazing weather – contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors to help you get started on the backyard movie theater project.

Based on your comfort levels, you can either schedule your free in-person consultation or discuss your ideas over the phone. During the initial conversation, you and your design consultant will discuss the area you’re interested in revamping, as well as your style and decor vision. From there, you can create a blueprint of your dream back patio space and get the ball rolling just in time for the Fourth of July.

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