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Create your own all-season man cave


Man caves have risen in popularity of late. I mean, who wouldn’t want a room in their home dedicated to their interests and entertainment? However, decorating a man cave is much more than just throwing together some seating and wall decor.

Whether you’re creating your first ever man cave or are sprucing your existing one up to be comfortable all year long, here are some ideas to help with design:

Have an open seating arrangement

The first rule of creating a man cave is to have plenty of seating. But not only that, you should have it pushed against walls to avoid dead zones, per the Family Handyman. Don’t block any gaming or entertainment areas with seating; instead, opt for slim bar stools around a table or plush couches off to the corner or places strategically in front of a television.

Having an open, centralized seating arrangement invites guests to feel welcome and talk amongst each other without getting in the way of anything else going on in the room.

Add personal touches to your man cave.Add personal touches to your man cave.

Consider creative storage

With all the entertaining you will be doing in your man cave, it’s important to have places to store blankets, games, books and really anything you may need. Installing shelving can be a great way to both put things on display and have easy access to items you may use a lot, like glasses, books or video games. Other things, like throw blankets and board games, could likely be stored in a chest that doubles as a coffee table.

Storage can be seamlessly incorporated into the design of your man cave. Consider adding texture and other colors with these accessories as well — such as a deep wooden chest or a sleek black leather ottoman that is functional and stylish.

Add plenty of entertainment options

From pool tables and art boards to bars, TVs and video games, there are likely some go-to activities that you and you friends enjoy doing together, so why not have them in your man cave? Including multiple games and areas for fun means you can invite multiple friends over and there will be enough to do for everyone.

Make it personal

Finally, it’s always recommended to personalize your man cave. After all, it’s your space to unwind and relax in or have guests over for game night. A good way to either start designing or finish up is to add some customized touches around the space. Pull inspiration from one of your favorite hobbies or pastime. Do you like fishing? Add some wall decor or books to showcase that. If video games are your thing, dedicate a corner with a gaming chair, headsets and snacks. Sports are also a very popular motif, and you can incorporate as much or as little of your favorite team or activity as you like. Whether it’s painting the walls your favorite team colors or adding posters on the walls to show your dedication.

Creating a proper all-seasons man cave takes more than just placing a sofa in front of a TV. If you need help creating a fun, welcoming and personalized space for your relaxing and entertaining pleasure, the personal designers from Decorating Den Interiors are here to help. Our decorators are ready to meet you for an in-person consultation or talk over the phone about your design preferences and what you imagine your man cave to be so they can help you vision come to life.

Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started on creating the perfect man cave that you can use year round.

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