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Create your own all-season she shed


You know about a man cave, but have you ever heard of a she shed? Transforming an old or new shed into your own personal oasis is the new trend these days. However, creating this exterior home away from home requires more than just some sprucing up.

If you’re thinking of creating a she shed that you can use all year long, here are some tips and tricks to follow:

Keep functionality in mind

The best thing about redesigning a shed is that it serves as a clean slate. But there are some drawbacks to the design. Depending on how you imagine your oasis to be, you may need to add electricity, plumbing and insulation to the space.

These can help you add some light if you want to enjoy the space after dark, have running water if you need it and keep cozy while the weather gets cooler. While these additions are not necessary, they can definitely make your she shed more functional so you can get use from it year round.

Define the space

After adding the utilities you may need, it’s time to make the space your own. There are endless options when it comes to defining your she shed, but it’s best to make it fun, practical and personal. For instance, if you enjoy gardening, your she shed could double as a greenhouse. You can store your supplies, have a planting station and a cozy couch where you can read about your favorite pastime.

The same goes for crafting. With electricity, you can create the perfect space for all your creativity. Of course, you can always make your she shed a space for entertaining or a reading nook, it’s truly an area to showcase your passions and interests!

Scour flea markets

Of course, furnishing a new space can be expensive. To find great deals and some unique items, Country Living recommends going to flea markets and antique shops. You can find some truly one-of-a-kind pieces at great prices to make your she shed distinctive.

And the vintage look extends beyond big pieces like furniture. You may be able to find some antique art, tables and storage solutions that add more character and charm to the space.

Opt for vertical storage

On the topic of storage, it’s important to get creative with your options. With a she shed, you’re likely working with limited space so using large bins may not be practical. Keep devoting area to your passions and instead get creative with vertical storage.

Shelving, hooks and even hanging storage are perfect for a shed space. Much like how you can hang a bike from the ceiling of a conventional shed to save space, you can do the same with your accessories.

Enhance the entrance

The last thing you will want to do is spruce up your entrance way. House Beautiful points out that this will be the first thing you and your guests see, as well as being the focal point of the exterior of your she shed. Consider switching out the door for something new, like barn doors that are functional and stylish or flowing curtains during the summer months.

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