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Creating a Focal Point in a Room Where There is None


Creating a Focal Point in a Room Where There is None

You’ve most likely been inside a house with an architectural feature, design layout or furniture piece that drew your attention and stopped you in your tracks. That’s a focal point — the first thing your eyes gravitate toward when entering a room.

A focal point is essential for creating a welcoming and peaceful environment for guests to hang out and for your family to gather. It can also make your space feel put together and harmonious.

But what if your room doesn’t have a main attraction to tie together your design elements? Read on to discover how you can create a focal point in any room:

1. Use your home’s architectural design

Your home was created with unique elements that you can use to create an eye-catching section of your space. What once was considered an annoying, stuck-out wall can now be the center of attention. Try hanging a large piece of art on the wall or painting it a bright color. Not only will this produce that coveted focal point, but it’ll transform a seemingly weird architectural space into a loveable part of your room.

2. Paint an accent wall

As previously mentioned, painting can be an easy way to draw people’s attention to a space or feature, but that tip doesn’t apply to a weirdly-shaped wall. An accent wall can be created on the farthest wall from the entrance by picking a bold paint color or patterned wallpaper. Ensure that this color or pattern works well with the other design features while still being the stand-out element in the space.

Artwork can bring class and style to any room.

3. Hang artwork

Artwork can bring class and style to any room. Choose a large statement piece and hang it at eye level on the wall you wish to be the focal point. Pay attention to the size of this wall and pick art that will accentuate rather than detract from the room. If you’re going for a more off-the-wall or eclectic aesthetic, try hanging a gallery wall with multiple pieces that work together.

4. Get a large furniture piece

Many pieces of furniture can be a focal point as long as the room’s layout looks intentional. The sofa is usually the centerpiece of a room in a living space which means that bright colors or interesting patterns are a good design choice. If you want to take the attention away from your sectional, incorporate a tall bookshelf full of your favorite books and knick-knacks, or purchase an ornate coffee table to center the other furniture around.

5. Put up drapery

If you’re lucky enough to have a big open window in your room, use it! Start by ensuring your furniture isn’t blocking or covering up the frame — the focal point can’t be covered by other items. Then, accentuate the window with beautiful, bright drapery. Play with textures and patterns to achieve the maximum effect. For a more dramatic look, hang the drapes close to the ceiling so they just touch the floor. Not only can this attract focus, but it also makes your room look more spacious.

Placing a plant in your space can add a bright pop of color.

6. Invest in a plant

Investing in a plant for your home can reduce air pollutants and serve as the main attraction for any room. Whether you want a large fiddleleaf fig or a smaller pothos, placing a house plant in your space can add a great pop of color. Before getting a plant, think about where it will be put and what light it will need to thrive as this can affect the type of plant you may want to purchase.

7. Contact Decorating Den Interiors

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