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Creating a Relaxing Respite

Home used to be the place where we came to relax and get a respite from the stress of the office, the commute or a day of running errands. Today, some are spending more time in the home, maybe no longer going to an office. Now, many are aiming to make certain rooms in the house more of a relaxing respite. Getting away from work may mean going to a different area of the home.

The obvious choice is often the primary bedroom. Turning it into a luxurious suite like the one shown above is often the goal. The starting point here was a color scheme of calming gray, white and violet. The transitional, channel-tufted upholstered bed contrasted with a colorful, abstract rug. The true showstopper of the room. The marble tile fireplace and beaded wallpaper add dimensional elegance. Teal swivel accent chairs provide a second respite area in this warm and inviting primary bedroom. Who doesn’t love to read by a fire?

Let’s not forget the key function of the bedroom, however. If you’re not waking up feeling rested, refreshed, and restored, something is missing. Think about the environment you’re creating in terms of it putting you in a restful mood for the last part of the day and a revitalizing mood when waking up.


Most of us think of the bedroom as the place we want to be a relaxing respite. We want to wind down and prepare for a healthy night’s sleep and then wake up to an environment that inspires us for a new day. As you are re-evaluating your bedroom in light of that goal, here are some tips:

  • Color is critical in promoting a space conducive to relaxation. Choose a calming color palette. Lighter shades of gray, blue, and green often promote calmness.
  • Improve storage so there is no clutter in sight. Clutter can instill a sense of chaos instead of calm.
  • Flowers and plants can be soothing visually and aromatically. Certain scents can have a calming effect.  White candles can add an air of serenity.  Natural sunlight does wonders for one’s attitude; let the sunshine in.
  • Throw pillows and blankets can create a feeling of coziness. Contrast hard surface floors with area rugs to create softness and add some tranquil color.

If you have the space, create a reading or TV-watching nook with a comfy upholstered chair, a chaise lounge, or loveseat.


A soft serene color palette of soft ivory, creams, and taupe give this space a calming and classic appearance, ideal for both closing out the day and opening a new morning. A touch of glam and sparkle fills the room with the selection of custom fabrics in silk, satin and velvets. A custom-designed and built tete-a-tete transformed to be a bench with an open center allows the couple to share a seat while reading or watching TV, while not blocking the view.


This small landing was the perfect place to be transformed into an intimate reading room. The vibrant pumpkin orange studio loveseat adds some fun and is perfect for lounging. The glass-enclosed book cabinets make for a classic library display for keepsakes and photos to conjure up those sentimental memories. The oversized coffee table also is a place for resting the feet. The small accent chair finishes out the corner of the room and offers seating for a guest.


Yes, for some, exercising, especially yoga, is a relaxing respite. This was an add-on space adjacent to the mom and kid’s office/study space. There’s room for yoga mats and other equipment. The client loves gardening, so there is plenty of room for plants. It all makes for connecting with nature while keeping mentally and physically fit.


The wall art and wall covering behind the bookcase create an outdoor experience in this multi-functional space. It can be a solitary retreat, a quiet place for just two or three to converse, or a space for entertaining a larger group. It checks many boxes.

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