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Creating a study space for your teen


Whether your teen is learning at a remote capacity, needs a place to prep for college or simply wants their own space for reading, writing or getting creative, developing a study space that they can call their own can make it easier to focus and stay productive. It’s easy to assume that your teenager is content with working on the couch or at the kitchen table, but a space dedicated solely to their work can be beneficial for the whole family. After all, every room in your house has its purpose, so why not create a study environment that boasts the same idea?

Fall has arrived and your teen is likely buried in homework. Give them the study space they need (and deserve) with these tips:

1. Get a functional desk and cozy work chair
What type of work will your teen be taking on in this space? Is it strictly for studies, or are you trying to build an area that will motivate your teenager to pick up a new hobby or exercise the brain cells more often? The intended purpose for the study space will play a major role in the type of desk you need. An L-shaped desk can be useful for someone who has a lot of study material, papers or writing utensils and needs to make use of as much space as possible. A small study table may be more ideal for a teen who’s simply looking for a new place to crack open their favorite novel before bed.

The desk may be considered the most important piece of furniture here, but the work chair takes a close second. Find one that’s comfortable and ergonomic to support great posture. This is where functionality might play a greater role than style, but you can still find cozy chairs that look great.

Your choice of chair can make or break the study space

2. Emphasize natural lighting, but keep a lamp handy
Natural sunlight that illuminates the room is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature. If the study space has large windows and makes use of the natural light, embrace it and go with sheer curtains. Of course, those sunny days don’t last forever, and many teens find themselves cramming for a test after dark or finishing up homework the night before it’s due. Make sure the desk space has a lamp that provides ample light to keep your teen focused.

3. Say no to distractions
Bold colors, posters and pictures of friends tend to fill teen bedrooms, but we won’t necessarily say those are the most study-friendly accessories. If your teen’s new study space is in their bedroom, corner off a space and try to leave it free of decor and trinkets that may cause a distraction. Here, “less is more” can be very helpful. And it’s doesn’t have to be boring — encourage your teen to pick a few colors for the scheme and leave the boy band flyers on the opposite side of the room.

“Bookshelves, multifunctional desks and filing cabinets can work wonders for a busy teen.”

4. Make organization a top priority
Let’s face it: Your kids can be messy. Instead of walking into the study space with closed eyes, fearful of a mess, provide your teen with organizational furniture and accessories that can motivate a less cluttered environment. Bookshelves, multifunctional desks and filing cabinets can work wonders for a busy teen.

5. Talk with a personal decorator before starting the project
If you don’t have a lot of experience creating a functional and inspiring study space, don’t fret. A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors can assist.

Your design consultant will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the office area or bedroom you plan to revamp for your teen. From there, you can talk about potential plans, design schemes, decor, accessories and furniture choices.

It’s important to bring your teen along for the conversation here — while it may technically be your home, you want your teenager to feel comfortable in this space. Therefore, the designer will want to get to know them and get a feel for stylistic preferences and study habits before making any design decisions.

School is in session, so what are you waiting for? Give your teen the study space they deserve by linking with a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today.

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