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Creating the modern farmhouse bathroom of your dreams


Redecorating your home comes with the opportunity to express yourself creatively, show off your sense of style and refresh to your living space when it’s necessary. Areas like the living room, family room and kitchen get the most traffic between live-in family members and guests, so reviving these spaces on a regular basis is a must. The same goes for the bathroom on the main floor; while it may be one of the smaller rooms in your house, it still deserves the same amount of attention as those with more space to roam around.

The bathroom is a station for relaxation and rejuvenation. Without the right style and design choices, it can give off an uncomfortable vibe that’s disjointed and stagnant. Modern farmhouse is a design scheme to consider if you’re not sure how to tackle this project, as The Spruce describes it as a cleanly and homey option:

“‘Modern farmhouse’ is the name for [this] hybrid style, combining modern color schemes, shapes, and materials with the rustic warmth of untreated wood, hand-hammered metal, or clay pots. It can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, with different levels of integration between modern coolness and farmhouse nostalgia.”

A modern farmhouse theme is equally warm, welcoming and simplistic, and can be easy to execute with the right design elements and expertise.

Here’s how to create the modern farmhouse bathroom of your dreams:

1. Choose white and black (or another bold color)
A clean slate will set the tone for the room, so choose a tone of white for the foundation. This will brighten up the space and allow you to get a bit more creative with the details. A bold color, most commonly black, can be used to emphasize the lines throughout the bathroom. You can also use a dark, muted color like forest green, navy or burgundy for a bit of character.

Choose black or another bold color for hardware and other accents.

2. Pick accessories with a “less is more” mentality
Simplicity is the state of mind when it comes to farmhouse decor, and less is certainly more in this case. Invest in the accents and accessories that won’t only look great, but will be fully functional as well. Stay away from countertop trinkets and focus instead on towels, bathroom rugs and light fixtures.

3. Hang a large mirror
The mirror is one of the defining statement pieces of a modern farmhouse bathroom. The larger, the better, as mirrors offer a useful opportunity to bounce the natural light around the room and bring the space to life. Stick with a wrought iron or untreated wooden frame to stay on theme.

4. Use small lanterns and sconces
Speaking of lighting, your fixture choices can make or break the modern farmhouse scheme. Delicate lanterns and modern sconces against the natural lighting can illuminate the room to perfection while looking sleek and subtle.


Small sconces make a big statement in the bathroom.Small sconces make a big statement in the bathroom.

5. Get in touch with a personal decorator to streamline the process
Modern farmhouse design and decor is well known for its simplicity, but that doesn’t mean the project itself will necessarily be a walk in the park. If it’s been ages since you last redesigned your bathroom or you’ve never tackled a job like this on your own, you could benefit from assistance from someone with interior design skills, knowledge and experience.

A personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors is the perfect person to call when your bathroom needs a revamp. He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate the room and provide suggestions based on your style choice and personal preferences. During the meeting, you can also talk about timelines and when to expect the project’s completion. This can make it easier to envision the end result and may encourage you to get started as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Give your bathroom the new look it deserves, just in time for the holiday season. Contact a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today to get the process started.

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