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Creative uses for spare rooms

While owning a spacious home is certainly a blessing, having rooms you don't know how to use can definitely feel like a curse. Whether your formal living room is never occupied or your grown-up kids' bedrooms still remain empty, trying to breathe new life into extra space is often easier said than done. Instead of following a traditional path and turning these spare areas into TV rooms or guest bedrooms, why not think outside the box? Work with an interior decorator to transform your extra room using one of these creative ideas.

Arts and crafts room
If you're an arts and crafts addict, you know that projects rarely go as smoothly as they appear to on Pinterest. Even crafts with the simplest instructions can leave you standing in a sea of glitter, pipe cleaners and stray mason jars. While you might be currently using your kitchen or garage as your craft studio, it's no secret that clean-up and storage in these spaces can be a definite struggle. After all, your extensive collection of ribbon doesn't really have a home among pots and pans or power tools.

Take your passion for crafting to the next level by transforming your spare room into your artistic studio space. Consult with a designer to figure out storage solutions for all your materials, as well as what types of furniture, floor coverings and window treatments will refresh the room and make it welcoming and inspiring.

Cocktail bar
If you love entertaining, why not create an environment where you can relax with friends and family over a delicious cocktail? If you have a spare room that's adjacent to your kitchen or dining area, a unique way to put it to good use is by turning it into a home bar. You can use the space for appetizers and drinks during dinner parties, and then return to the room for dessert and nightcap once your meals are over. While your personal decorator will have excellent ideas about how to repurpose the space, remember to include a sink and refrigerator in your design plans – you don't want to be running to and from the kitchen for ice and clean glassware!

Consult with a designer to create a fun and fabulous home bar. Consult with a designer to create a fun and fabulous home bar.

Pet room
Furry friends often get the short end of the stick when it comes to home design – your house likely has plenty of areas that are strictly off-limits to your animals. If you have some extra space, it's a great opportunity to show your pets that, while they may not be able to run around the dining room at their leisure, they're still important members of your household.

Having a designated pet room means you can get eyesores like cages, scratching posts, litter boxes and food bowls out of the main areas of your house. Additionally, it'll contain animals when guests are over, so friends who have allergies will feel more comfortable spending time in your house. Work with a designer to come up with durable flooring and decor choices that will look chic but withstand the wear and tear of excited paws.

Yoga studio
While large rooms can be transformed into home gyms, smaller areas really can't sustain numerous machines and piles of equipment. If you want to make a space in your house dedicated to health and fitness but don't have a lot of square footage to work with, why not create a personal yoga studio? As long as the room is big enough to handle you and a mat, you can turn it into a calming environment that's perfect for your practice. Consult with a designer to select colors and decor that will keep you relaxed and focused.

While the word library might conjure up images of high ceilings and infinite rows of books, this doesn't have to be the case. Any spare room can become a home library where you and your family can read, study, work or just relax. With the help of a designer, fill the space with bookcases and comfortable seating. Make sure you incorporate plenty of light fixtures into the space as well so your eyes don't get too tired when you're engrossed in a page-turner.

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