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Decorating After the Holidays: How To Get Your Home Ready for Spring


Decorating After the Holidays: How To Get Your Home Ready for Spring

The holidays are incredibly fun but, unfortunately, short-lived. Your home may feel a bit sad as you take down the Christmas tree and box up the sparkly decorations, but don’t let the post-holiday blues get you down! Warm weather is right around the corner, and your home needs a pick-me-up.

If you’re ready to reintroduce your home to spring colors and bright decor, then follow these six design tips and tricks to get your home ready for the warm weather ahead.

bright colorsSwitch out dark colors for bold ones instead.

1. Introduce bright colors

Spring is all about rebirth, and nothing says refresh like bold colors. Swap out your dark winter decorations for some pastel ones instead. Add a colored or patterned throw pillow (or five) to your sectional or loveseat, or lay down a new rug in the room. Some great spring colors to test drive include yellows, pinks, greens and lavenders — don’t be afraid to mix and match these shades throughout your space.

2. Add greenery

As the snow melts and the sun warms the ground, plants will start to flourish. Emulate this new growth in your home by incorporating houseplants and other greenery into your sunniest spots. Finding low-maintenance houseplants that can withstand the seasonal weather change can make this transition easy and reduce the risk of killing your new flora.

For intermediate gardeners, get a pothos, snake plant or philodendron as they have fairly simple care instructions. For expert growers, try your hand at a more high-maintenance plant option like fiddle leaf figs, zebra plant or an orchid. If you’re not interested in watering or caring for a houseplant but still want the added charm of extra greenery in your home, fake plants are a great alternative.

3. Paint an accent wall

Maybe you want to completely change the wall color but are stuck spending your time spring cleaning in which case, an accent wall is your answer. Pick an airy color like light blue or pastel yellow and paint only one wall in your living room or kitchen. This creates the novelty of a completely different wall color without putting in too much time and energy. If you want to take the design another step further, paste a floral-patterned wallpaper on the accent wall instead — it’s a wonderful way to bring spring flowers into your home.

flowersGet out your favorite vases and fill them with beautiful buds

4. Fill your vases

If floral wallpaper doesn’t fulfill your need for beautiful flowers, get out your favorite vases that you’ve stashed away for winter and fill them with a bright arrangement. Wallpaper won’t help you stop and smell the roses, but real flower bouquets should do the trick. From daffodils and tulips to toned-down eucalyptus or baby’s breath, decorate as many spaces as you’d like with pretty buds of all different colors.

5. Swap out your blankets

Since winter calls for heavy blankets, pack those away and welcome lighter fabrics and textures into your rooms. Although you most likely won’t need to cuddle up under one of these throws, you can drape them on sofas or chairs to create a focal point in the space or make it feel more inviting. Some spring fabrics to try include lightweight linen, thin knitting or airy cotton.

6. Reach out to Decorating Den Interiors

The transition from winter to spring can be tricky and decorating after the holidays may seem like a tiring task. If that’s the case for you, then it’s time to reach out to Decorating Den Interiors — an interior design company that has been transforming homes for over 50 years.

After contacting us, you’ll receive a free consultation with one of our design consultants. During this meeting, your personal consultant will visit your home to look over your space and get a better understanding of what your personal style is. Then, they’ll come up with a plan to spruce up your home for spring and lay out the best way to make your dream home a reality.

Want to make your home ready for spring? Contact us to get started!

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