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Decorating an upscale, modern bedroom


Bringing a more modern feel to your bedroom will help transform it into a more comforting, lively place that you’ll want to spend your time. Impress anyone who steps foot inside, as well as yourself, with key furniture pieces and decor. If this sounds like your type of vibe, read on for some tips on how to bring your bedroom into the modern age:

Take advantage of unique decor pieces

Finding furniture or decor that is unusual or prominent can really help to bring a modern flair to any room. However, it also depends on the structure and layout of your bedroom. Do you have small windows that only allow minimal natural light into your space? Try incorporating some bold lighting fixtures. Not only will this liven up the room, but it will also bring a unique focal point into the mix.

Realtor.com delved into some Instagram blogs and pulled out some of the best eye-catching pieces to add to your bedroom. Out of their picks, some of the most innovative and upscale features include a dark statement wall, glamorous wallpaper and distinctive headboards. Adding a dark statement wall to your bedroom will keep it from being bland and will also allow you to incorporate that into your color scheme with your other furniture. Glamorous wallpaper can make even the most simple room turn into a luxurious and modern space. Distinctive headboards can transform your bed into a comfortably modern getaway, while still adding some decorative style.

Try adding an accent wall to add to your new style.

Incorporate modern color schemes

Keeping your colors overall neutral, clean and consistent will help you to achieve the modern feel you’re striving for. Pick one color scheme and stick with it throughout your decor to help your bedroom look more cohesive and upscale. A very popular choice for modern-looking rooms is the color white. White walls, white bedspread, white rug – you name it. Keeping everything one neutral color will help your space turn more modern.

Besides sticking with neutral themes, incorporating some peaceful colors into your room is also a way to make your bedroom a bit more upscale. The Zoe Report recommends sticking with blues, greens and yellows to keep your environment feeling calm and serene. While you’re more likely to correlate neutral colors with a more modern feel, choosing one accent color is never a bad idea, and can help to bring more life to your bedroom.

Choose your style and stick with it

One of the keys to successfully completing a modern bedroom is implementing one clear and cohesive style. Whether you decide to go with a more neutral tone, bold decor choices or even a vibe that pops – it should remain consistent throughout your space. For example: if you want to add some colorful and highly modern art pieces, make sure the rest of your room isn’t full of vintage furniture.

Homify recommends adding some natural elements to your room. This will add to your aesthetic like no other, and it also goes well with many different types of styles. Along with this, they point out that having a more simple and uncluttered space will add to the overall appeal, not to mention leaving more room for activities.

Modernizing your bedroom can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Feeling unsure of how to begin your next project? Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors, who will come to your home for a free consultation and help you figure out what you want to change about your living space. Using their experience, insight about your personal style and more, the professional will help transform your bedroom into the most modern, upscale space you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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