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Decorating the mantel after the holiday season

During the holiday season, the Christmas tree usually takes center stage as the most vibrant decoration, whether it's placed in the living room, entryway or landing at the top of the staircase. If you happen to have a fireplace in your home, however, the mantel may come in a close second place for Christmas decorations.

It's common to overstuff this space with holiday trinkets and accessories, but what happens when it's time to box up the decor until next year? Going from holiday splendor to completely bare is too much of a drastic change, and that also means you're not maximizing your decorating space.

The mantel is a fun spot to decorate no matter the season.The mantel is a fun spot to decorate no matter the season.Accessorizing the mantel is simple with the right guidance. Here are a few of our tried and true tips for decorating the mantel, as well as the wall space above, after the holiday season comes to an end:

Above the mantel: Hang your TV, a large mirror or piece of artwork
Many tend to ignore the empty space above the mantel, which can offset your living space and make it feel like something is always missing. A few pieces we suggest hanging here include:

  • Your TV: The living area in your home should be designed to entertain, and for that reason, you likely have a television set here. Depending on the size of the electronic and the amount of space available above your mantel, you can hang your TV and use the floor space for seating furniture instead of a TV stand. 
  • A large mirror: This is especially ideal for smaller rooms — hanging mirrors on the walls reflect light and actually make the space feel bigger. Place a mirror above the mantel to emphasize the wall and elongate the room.
  • A piece of artwork: Empty walls are just like a blank canvas, making them the perfect space for decorative wall art.
Remember: You should choose an accessory that will not only look great above the mantel but is fully functional and useful based on your style preferences and needs.

A piece of artwork can balance out the wallspace.A piece of artwork can balance out the wall space.

On the mantel: Consider vases, candles and meaningful objects
Decorating the mantel can be an exciting venture if you use the right pieces of decor and proper placement. Use a mix of the following objects to create a chic, stylish and nostalgic look:

  • Vases: Decorative vases, pots and jars can make a simple statement atop the mantel. Choose a single color and multiple styles for uniformity, but also variety.
  • Candles: A decorative piece that's equally refreshing, cozy and inviting, you can never go wrong with an assortment of candles. Mix and match scented three-wick and unscented pillar candles for a diverse look without going overboard with the fragrance.
  • Meaningful objects: If you want to showcase objects that have been passed down from family members or achievements by your children that make you proud, the mantel is a great place to display these meaningful pieces. Just be sure to mix these items with decor to avoid creating a museum-like feel in your home. 

Remember: Spacing these objects out helps to simplify the space while still looking put together. Keep this tip in mind to avoid a scattered and untidy mantel

Vases, candles and meaningful trinkets make ideal decor for the mantel. Vases, candles and meaningful trinkets make ideal decor for the mantel.

Seek professional assistance to decorate your mantel
The last thing you want to do is overcrowd your mantel space — a cluttered look can make for cluttered headspace. If you're intimidated by the thought of upgrading your mantel scheme by yourself, professional guidance from a personal decorating consultant at Decorating Den Interiors may be the best route for you.

Depending on your level of comfort during the pandemic, we can come to your home for a free consultation or discuss ideas over the phone. During the conversation, we'll get an idea of what kind of accessories you have to work with, what you're willing to invest in and how to transform the mantel into a chic and delicate display of style. From there, we'll devise a plan to upgrade your display space in no time.

Are you ready to improve your home for the new year? Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today to learn about the other projects worth considering throughout your living space.

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