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Design Consultations with Safety in Mind

Easton, Md.— Homeowners seeking interior design solutions do not have to wait for the absolute “all-clear” when they can have interior design solutions presented to them one-to-one in the safety of their own home. Alternatively, they have the choice of a virtual presentation done by video conference—the client in her own home, the designer in her office or studio.

“Why wait until you can go to a showroom. Actually, why go to a showroom at all, where people have been sitting on the furniture, touching accessories, and leaving who knows what might be in the air,” says James S. Bugg, CEO and president of Decorating Den Interiors.

“We have more than 250 interior designers throughout the U.S. and Canada who are accustomed to being in a client’s home for consultations and design presentations,” he explains. “Our interior design business model has a track record over decades. Its foundation is providing complete concept-to-completion creative design and home furnishing selections in the comfort and convenience of our client’s home.”

Decorating Den Interiors designers can meet with clients with proper social distancing and other precautions. For those who prefer to wait before having an in-person meeting, there is the option of meeting via video conference.

“Ever since the Covid19 restrictions, our interior designers have been providing interior design solutions using various video conferencing tools, and clients have been quite satisfied,” Bugg reports.
“We have been using video conferencing tools ourselves to help our designers hone their skills presenting their creative designs to clients virtually,” says Jennifer Manley, vice president, retail sales. “Helping our interior design business owners adjust to today’s challenges is an important part of the support we provide to our franchise partners. Whether we are in the client’s home personally or by video, we still provide the benefit of one-stop design and home furnishings service.”

Direct access to home furnishings suppliers is another client benefit, regardless of the form of the design consultations. “Our own LIVV Home Collection™ of fine furnishings enables our designers to offer a wide range of home fashions that can accommodate most budgets within ‘good, better, best’ categories,” adds David Haseley, sr. vice president, merchandising and marketing.

“In sum, clients who have been thinking of ways to make their home more beautiful during this time of being home-bound, have options to move ahead and still be safe,” Bugg says. “Of course, as states phase-in openings, our in-home consultations will be available as homeowners prefer.”

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