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Design inspiration for staging your table for Thanksgiving dinner


Fall is here, and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And while you may not be entertaining for a large crowd of extended friends and family this year, you still want to make your holiday table special.

After all, this is where your immediate family will be gathering to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, so it’s important to have a practical yet aesthetically pleasing setup for the occasion. If you’ve hit a roadblock in your design or are looking for a new way to stage your table, here is some inspiration that you can use for the upcoming holiday.

Get creative with your centerpiece

Your dining room table is the core of a Thanksgiving gathering, and the centerpiece is the focus of it. While you can’t go wrong with a traditional centerpiece like a cornucopia or flower arrangement, why not switch things up this year?

Better Homes & Gardens offers a number of different centerpiece ideas that you can easily DIY or purchase depending on your style and budget. For instance, fresh gourds and produce can be the perfect focal point of the table and are usually small enough that they won’t obstruct conversation across the table. On the other hand, a succulent-filled pumpkin is sure to be a conversation starter and gives you an opportunity to showcase your creative green thumb.

Candles also add an elegant touch to your table.Candles also add an elegant touch to your table.

Be practical with your dishware

It may feel like you need to pull all the stops out for a Thanksgiving table. But if there’s one area where you may be able to pull back, it’s dishware. Plates, bowls and glasses all serve both a practical and aesthetically pleasing purpose on your table, but the emphasis is on their utility.

Choose dishware based on how well it holds up to silverware and the dishwasher, as this will make cleaning up much easier in the long run. Simple plates, like clean white or any other solid color can be perfect. The rest of the table decor will ensure your family is fully immersed in the holiday spirit while they eat.

Don’t shy away from patterns

Don’t forget that your tablecloth and napkins are still more accessories that you can use to add extra flair to your table. While you may associate solid colors like deep purple or rich reds and golds as elegant, you also shouldn’t shy away from patterned pieces if you want to create a more visually exciting display.

A plaid tablecloth is ideal for a more rustic-chic feel, while paisley in pops of bright orange and warm brown can add a whimsical touch. The same is true for your other linens.  Get creative with the pattern of your napkins. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a more fun look, try your hand at sprucing up the kids’ table first to see if you like it.

Mix and match bonus pieces

There are plenty of other ways to make your Thanksgiving table unique this year. HGTV recommends mixing and matching bread plates and berry bowls to elevate your white dishware. Your family will love seeing which unique piece is theirs for the night, and your table will appear more visually interesting but still cohesive. Similarly, you can add unique place cards and napkin rings to ensure your setup reflects your hosting personality.

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