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Designing a Noteworthy Dual-Purpose Office


With the rise of hybrid and remote work setups and flexible positions becoming the norm, many people are looking for ways to transform their home into a productive office space. But, not every house is built with this type of space in mind.

If you fall into the category of work-from-home employees or simply want a designated area to get tasks done, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’re going over tips and design tricks that can take any extra nook and cranny and turn them into a fabulous workspace.

office spaceThe perfect dual-purpose office depends on your home, but many rooms can work as a productive space.

Picking Your Dual-Purpose Office Space

If you don’t have an extra room available, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an office fit for a CEO. The goal is to pick an area of your home that may have an extra wall or corner that’s not used for anything on a daily basis. Some popular choices include:

Dining Spaces

Every house has some sort of area meant for eating. This could be an open living room, a dining room or a breakfast corner. While you may dine in this room with your family on a regular basis, people aren’t using the table or island all day every day. This underutilized space will serve as a great makeshift office area.

The trick here is to use extra storage space to stow away work so you can easily grab it out and put it away at the start and end of your work shift. Storage banquettes or sideboards serve as wonderful places to hide computers, files, pens and notepads. You can also invest in a dining room table or island with drawers. But, instead of using them for placemats and cloth napkins, utilize them for work supplies.

Guest Bedrooms

If you have a guest bedroom but don’t always have it fully occupied, this room can be a perfect work area. Not only does it already have a door for privacy and electrical outlets for charging your devices, but it also requires very little change. Place a desk along one of the empty walls or utilize a short dresser or tabletop as your workstation. You can also place a chaise lounge in the corner if you prefer a more comfortable setup.


For those with a finished basement space, this will be your designated office area. Even if you have a sofa or ping pong table for your family to enjoy, you probably have a small section that’s not highly trafficked. Place a desk and filing cabinet or any other items that you may need to make your dual-purpose office feel homey. Just ensure you have ample lighting to complete high-quality work.

Tips for Putting Together Your Dual-Purpose Office

Just because you don’t have a designated room for your workspace doesn’t mean your office has to look thrown together. It’s important that this area feels like a productive and happy corner of your home.

Here are some easy ways to create a pleasant arrangement:

use wall spaceIf your room is smaller, using your wall space for extra storage can come in handy.

Use Your Wall Space

If you have less space in the room you’ve chosen to add your office to, your wall will be a great help. Use stylish shelves to store supplies and important items and have more room on your desk for only what you need at the moment.

Implement Sleek Furniture

Because you may have less space than a traditional office, it’s important to use thinner, less hefty furniture to make the area look more spacious. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality and comfort, though. Pick pieces that are both great for sitting in all day and narrow for saving space.

Pick Multi-Functional Pieces

For dual-purpose offices, it’s best to adopt furniture that can be used for several different intentions. For example, a dining room table that folds down into a smaller surface — is great for being used as a work surface. Or, transform a guest bedroom bookcase by lengthening one shelf into a desk. This allows you to capitalize on the extra surface area while still letting your guests use it for their items when they stay over. Another great idea for your spare bedroom that doubles as an office is a sleeper sofa. Have either a couch or a bed in a matter of minutes, making this room dynamic and easy to transform in a moment’s notice.

Work With an Interior Decorator

Designing a functional workspace can be difficult when you don’t have professional guidance — we get it! That’s why our team of interior decorators have experience taking seemingly difficult home challenges and creating a beautiful solution.

We’re excited to make a space just for you! One that will help you feel organized for your job and will also look amazing. Sound like a plan? Connect with us to make your at-home office dreams come true.

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