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Dining Room Wall Decor: Do’s and Don’ts

Your dining room is a place where people gather, eat together and create meaningful memories. It's the spot where holiday meals are enjoyed and family and friends play board games and share stories — it's a special space in your home.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people spend about 67 minutes of their day eating without simultaneously doing something else such as watching television. That's a lot of time spent around the dining table! Shouldn't it be decorated in a way that feels welcoming and stylish?

If your dining room needs a revamp, then you've come to the right place. We can give you tips and best practices for your home improvement project. Be the host with the most by discovering the do's and don'ts for creating a dreamy dining space.

dining roomYour dining room is a special place in your home.

Dining Room Wall Decor: Do This

Even in some of the most beautiful homes, the dining room tends to be forgotten or at the bottom of the design to-do list. If your gathering space is lacking the attention to detail it deserves, try some of these room decor tips to create a truly unique and inviting dinette:

Find the Right Paint or Wallpaper Color

A really simple way to refresh your dining room walls is with a coat of paint or new wallpaper. Creating a luxury space for you and your guests to enjoy is all about using color to give your room a fun or elegant touch.

Obviously, color choice is completely up to you and your design preferences, but warmer colors are often a wonderful choice to liven up any nook. Try using neutral colors, muted hues or jewel tones instead of blue-based colors that can leave your room feeling bland and uninviting. And, don't be afraid to play with bright shades or wallpaper textures — just don't overdo it. The perfect color or wallpaper choice will brighten your room without clashing with other design elements.

You can even keep this home improvement step simple by creating an accent wall. Pick the space that you want to serve as a focal point and only paint that wall from your selected color scheme.

Decorate the Walls

Whether you desire your dining room to be a relaxing breakfast nook or an elegant room fit to entertain, dining room wall art can help you achieve that look. Try incorporating these wall decor ideas into your space:

  • Make your space look bigger and brighter by hanging wall mirrors.
  • Hang drapery to create a cozy feel. Pick a fabric that accentuates and highlights the wall color.
  • Pick unique artwork that reflects your personal style. From abstract and modern shapes to scenic landscapes and portraits, showcase any art piece you want others to see. Put a variety of your favorite wall art ideas together to create a gallery wall.
  • Fill your wall with a detailed tapestry for a dramatic look.
  • Add texture with panels or tiling to make a statement.

If you're hoping to design a more minimalist space, try hanging smaller pictures or a canvas print. This will keep your space from having a completely blank wall while still accomplishing a clean and simple look.

Brighten the Room With Light Fixtures

Dazzle your family and friends by choosing a light fixture that works beautifully in your dining area. With so many styles to choose from, how do you actually make a decision? The best place to start is by looking at your table silhouette. If you have a round or oval table, try to get a round or oval light fixture. For a square or rectangular table, a matching light shape could work well. The size of the light fixture is up to you, but choosing one that is about one-third of the size of your dining table generally works well. But, if you want to go bigger — do it! Additionally, a long buffet is the perfect place for two beautiful table lamps to provide mood lighting.

Here are some beautiful style options for inspiration:

  • Ornate chandeliers.
  • Unique pendant lights.
  • Elegant sconces.
  • Simple recessed lighting.
  • Portable floor and table lamps.
  • Flexible track lighting and monorails.
  • Inviting ceiling lights.

If you choose a light fixture that will hang above your dining room table, ensure that the bottom of the light is about 30 to 36 inches above the surface of the table to ensure the room is properly lit.

Whatever light you choose, make sure it works with your dining room wall design and creates the atmosphere you are trying to convey to your family and guests.

Furnish Your Room

You already have a table and chair set, but what other dining room furniture is present? There are fewer furniture requirements compared to other rooms, but a buffet or hutch are great pieces to consider incorporating.

Buffets are long, low pieces of furniture that are great for storing extra dishes, board games or any other items you might use in a dining room. As well as being useful, this piece of furniture can also elevate your dining room's style. When picking a buffet, choose a style that matches your dining room aesthetic. Going for a comfortable, cozy space? Choose a cream-colored antique piece. Trying to achieve an eclectic, boho room? Pick a unique hutch as a bright pop of color. Once you've found the right buffet, it's time to decorate it. Try adding a centerpiece or table lamp to the buffet for some added pizazz in your beautiful dining room.

With these design ideas, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautiful space for you and your family to gather in and enjoy together. But, there are some wall decor ideas to avoid. Let's dive into some things to steer clear of when revamping your space.

hutchA buffet or hutch are great pieces to consider incorporating.

Dining Room Wall Decor: Don't Do This

Sadly, a room can quickly go from beautiful to unappealing when it comes to decor. Dining rooms can seem tricky to design, but they don't have to be. Avoid the following common dining room decor mistakes to keep your space an aesthetically pleasing place to hang out:

Don't Choose the Wrong Paint Color

As mentioned before, a simple way to revamp your dining room is with a new coat of paint. Similarly, an easy way to make the room uninviting and bland is with a color palette that doesn't work with the room's overall vibe. Stay away from trendy shades that might lose their flare after a year or any hues that distract from your overall design.

Avoid using harsh white shades, especially alongside darker wood tones. Stark whites can be jarring and make guests feel like they're sitting in a doctor's office. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid adding too many shades to your color scheme. Unless you're specifically going for a maximalist style, too much bold color or crazy wallpaper patterns can give your guests a headache and ruin the room's aesthetic — even for an accent wall.

Don't Go Overboard on Wall Decor

An excessive amount of wall decor can be too much of a good thing. Your dining room wall is your canvas, but cluttering the space with too much conflicting canvas wall art, frames or tapestries can make your room feel jumbled or messy. Stick with a few staple wall decor pieces and add more only if you feel the additional pieces match and add to your space.

Don't Fill Your Space With Too Much Furniture

After picking out a beautiful buffet or hutch, you might be tempted to add more storage options and furniture pieces. Although more storage space is great, adding too much furniture can make your dining room feel crowded and chaotic. Instead, stick with a few well-placed items that elevate and refresh your room.

Don't Create a Space With Zero Texture

Texture is an integral part of any room — and the dining room is no exception. Find wallpaper, wall art, light fixtures or buffet designs that incorporate different textiles, patterns and sensations to keep your space from feeling drab or monotonous.

Avoiding mistakes and creating your ideal dining room may seem like a big challenge to undertake. Maybe it's time to partner with a personal decorator to help you achieve your vision.

How an Interior Design Expert Can Help

A personal decorator can help you upgrade your dining room space by taking your ideas and bringing them to life. At Decorating Den Interiors, our personal decorators can do just that.

After reaching out to us, one of our design consultants will come to your house to look over your dining room and provide a complimentary consultation. This first meeting is our chance to get to know you and learn about what you want from your dining room design. After meeting with you, your decorator will do all the design work necessary to lay out the best plan for your dream dining space.

Ready to have your dream dining room? Connect with us today! And find more dining room inspiration on our website.

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