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Don’t Shy Away From Splashes of Color


You’re the artist, and your home is the canvas. You have the freedom to paint your walls and add decor in any color you want — so why avoid bright tints? Now, some colors are more popular than others, but any color could work in your favor if you pick the right shade that matches your existing design.

If you’re in the mood for more color in your home, then take a look at some of our top picks for this season:


2023 is highlighting earth tones and rosy shades, making burgundy a great choice for your walls or decor. This bold color is inviting and warm without being too “in your face.” Introduce this shade into your bedroom or living room to envelop the space in a lush and comfortable glow. If you’re not painting the walls but still want pops of this hue, then get burgundy throw pillows for your couch or bed, hang burgundy-tinted framed photos on the wall or add a plush rug in the beautiful shade.

Teal is a versatile shade of blue that offers a chic feel to your space.


Does your space need a bit more personality? Well, look no further than teal! Although there are thousands of shades of blue, this one is particularly versatile, offering a chic feel to any room. It’s neither too warm or too cold, so it blends well with various other colors. Try painting an accent wall in your kitchen (or paint the cabinets for a particularly funky transformation), or pick beautiful teal vases for your living room coffee and side tables.

Olive Green

Olive green has risen in popularity over the years, making it a much more appealing color than in the past. This beautiful shade of green is as calming yet vibrant as they come. Although this color can work on walls in just about any room (a bathroom or kitchen, especially), picking out some amazing furniture in this hue takes the cake. Pick matching olive green chaise lounges to sit in front of your fireplace, make a book nook with a plush armchair or go all out with an olive couch — a focal point that will grab everyone’s attention.


Whether you’re from Georgia or simply love this summery shade, peachy pink accents can take any room from drab to fab. Add an accent wall in your guest bedroom to introduce a feminine touch that will make your friends and family feel right at home, or swap out your plain dining room chairs for peach-colored upholstered ones. You can’t go wrong with this cheery choice.

Peach can take any room from drab to fab.

Why Color Is a Great Addition to Your Space

Color is an extremely powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, comfortable or dramatic — whatever feeling you’d like to evoke. Want to make your basement feel less like a crypt? Paint the walls a soothing, cozy shade. Want to make your bedroom appear a bit larger? A dark blue or earthy green will do just the trick.

Although certain colors don’t work well in every person’s home, don’t be afraid to get creative and let your imagination take you to new, bright places. Experiment with color! With some special thought and consideration, you can find the perfect beautiful hue that flawlessly captures your personality and aesthetic.

Be Decorating Den Interiors’ Muse

If you want some help picking out the right colors to add to your home, then Decorating Den Interiors can assist you. Think of our personal decorators as the artist, and your ideas will be the inspiration for the finalized project. Essentially, we don’t let the paintbrush run wild: We work with you to make decisions and come up with a design that you’ll absolutely adore.

When you contact us, we’ll conduct a consultation either at your home or over the phone. During this meeting, we’ll get a sense of your style, understand what your current home’s design looks like and come up with an action plan to make your colorful dreams a reality.

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