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Everything you need to know about decorating an all-season sunroom for fall and winter


The appeal of an all-season sunroom is in the name: You can enjoy the space and the outdoor ambiance year-round from the comfort of a weather-proofed room. While sunrooms are typically associated with the bright, warm summer months, you can still unwind and enjoy your time in this room during the fall and winter.

To update your sunroom for the upcoming season, there are some easy decor changes you make to create an inviting space for your family and guests.

Make it cozy

While summer is all about staying cool and comfortable, the transition to autumn means it’s time to bring in cozy accents in your decor. From warm and fuzzy blankets, to plush throw pillows, these accessories invite people to enjoy the sunroom even if it’s cool outside.

This way of thinking also extends to your other furniture and decor options. While your furniture will likely stay put year-round, now is the time to bring in an area rug, different wall art for the season. The best part about these cozy features is that they will be used throughout the fall, winter and even some of the cooler spring months.

Bring in warmth

While the blankets and pillows will keep you comfortable, it’s also important to bring in warmth in your color palette and decor items. The start of autumn means less natural light during the day, so while you didn’t need additional light in your sunroom in the summer, you should consider adding these elements so you can enjoy the space even when the sun sets.

A task light can be practical if you want to use your space for reading or crafting, but candles also set a nice mood in the space during the evening. Good Housekeeping even recommends enhancing your candles by dipping them in melted crayon dye and wax to match them to your decor. Silvers, gold and reds are the perfect colors that will work throughout the holiday season.

Warm red accents in your sunroom furniture are perfect for fall and winter.Warm red accents in your sunroom furniture are perfect for fall and winter.

Get inspired by nature

Have you heard about fall florals? The end of summer doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate nature into your sunroom. After all, this space is the perfect blend of outdoor scenery and indoor comfort. You can continue to blend the two in your sunroom decor with plants and patterns. Urban Gardeners Republic said that aloe vera and bromeliads thrive in indoor environments over the winter when given enough light. The sunroom is the perfect place to flex your green thumb, and you can even be inspired by these plants by adding subtle florals to your decor, like in a tablecloth or accent pillow.

Give the space purpose

While decor makes your sunroom welcoming for the season, it’s also important to add accessories with a purpose. Do you want your sunroom to be where you unwind after a long day? Perhaps add a bar card to the room. If you want it to be a space to entertain, add a table and chairs to set the scene. Some people are also using their sunroom as an office space as the natural light is ideal for keeping you energized while you work.

There are endless possibilities for how you decorate your all-seasons sunroom for the fall and winter. But if the options seem overwhelming, the professional interior decorators at Decorating Den Interiors are here to help. Our design experts are available for an in-person or over-the-phone free consultation to discuss your vision and ideas for the space that will transition seamlessly from fall to winter.

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