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Executing the Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

Each year, Pantone releases their highly anticipated Color of the Year. This year, Classic Blue has been chosen the best annual hue – its deep, dreamy shade serving as inspiration for many homeowners and personal decorators.

If you're looking to incorporate this popular color into your home this year, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Use it as an accent

Classic blue is one of the darker, duskier shades of blue which makes it an ideal accent color. Because it is of a deeper hue, you may not want to paint an entire room this color – instead, consider using it to draw your eye to a specific location. For instance, painting one wall in the bedroom is a great way to incorporate this elegant color without making a room feel too dark.

Similarly, you can easily add Classic Blue into the accessories around the home, from throw pillows and blankets to curtains and rugs. The best thing about blue is that it complements many colors and styles. No matter if you're trying to achieve a beach, classic or modern theme, this shade of blue can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing style.

Deep blue accents are great to complement a beach themed room.Deep blue accents are great to complement a beach themed room.

Where does blue work best?

Different shades of blue can be added to any room of your choosing, but this deep hue lends itself best to be incorporated in living spaces like your main room and bedrooms. Classic blue is a calming and peaceful color, and can make your space feel both inviting and tranquil. Your guests will feel relaxed by adding these accents in your living room, and using this color in your bedroom can instantly calm your mind when you need to sleep or relax.

Paint for permanence, accessorize for fun

When it comes to incorporating Classic Blue in your home, it's up to you where and how you want to use it. If you're ready for a big change in one of your spaces, painting with blue can make a statement and instantly transform a room. If this is the case, complementing Classic Blue with white accessories and furniture is a great way to modernize and refresh an outdated space.

If you like to change up the decor in your home often or with the seasons, incorporating blue with accessories is likely better suited to your preference. Don't hesitate to mix and match shades of blue accessories while using the Pantone Color of the Year as inspiration. Lighter hues complement the dark shades for a visually pleasing combination of accessories.

Of course, you can also incorporate Classic Blue in your furniture. From a statement lounge chair with a bold print to a family sectional in a cozy solid, these pieces will be both functional and eye-catching when upholstered with this elegant shade of blue.

Incorporating such a deep and dreamy color in your home may feel intimidating if you're not sure about where it would be best suited. Before taking the leap and purchasing the paint, it's best to call in some professional assistance to create a clear plan. The personal decorators at Decorating Den Interiors are experts in color and design and can help you tastefully incorporate this popular shade in your home this summer.

Our design professionals are available for an in-person free consultation, however, they can also be reached over the phone to discuss your desires based on your preferences. Our experts are eager to hear about your ideas, personal style and expectations to help you discover where Classic Blue would work best in your home.

Don't wait any longer to include this elegant color in your space. Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today to get started.

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