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Fall in Love with Your Home

Remember that new-home feeling? The excitement, the possibilities, and how welcoming it felt when you first walked in? You can feel it again, and you won’t even have to pack!

 Redecorating is a great way to make you fall in love with your home all over again! Over time certain areas can feel stale or might not function as they need to for how you live now. Plus, as often as we are in our homes our needs change, and our house might need to as well.

One of the things many of our clients are doing now is repurposing spaces to suit their needs. Maybe it’s a dining room into a relaxation space, or guest bedroom into a home office. We are also revitalizing spaces with bright and happy colors that promote a sense of cheer.

Start at the Beginning 

The front entryway of your home makes the first impression on guests, neighbors and passers-by. Now that spring is in view, there’s no excuse to neglect this space. With the hope of entertaining in our homes again, it’s worthwhile to make the front entryway just as endearing and welcoming as the rest of your living space. Here are some tips:

1. Upgrade the stairs and railings
If your stairs and railings are outdated and make the rest of the space look uninviting, now’s the time for an upgrade. A more modern finish on both pieces can bring the front entryway back to life. If you’d rather not turn this into a large project, just spruce up your current setup. A fresh coat of paint or perhaps even just an arrangement of fresh flowers can transform the stairwell. Embrace natural greenery to refresh the entryway.


2. Hang new light fixtures
Beyond functionality, lighting can make or break the mood of your front entryway. If the single pendant light fixture isn’t doing it for you anymore, consider a different style, such as sconces. You may even string lights through the stairway railing to guide guests up to your home with flare.


3. Add a new piece of furniture
A bright, beautiful bench can be a great addition. If you don’t have enough room for a full bench, add a small chair with a stool that acts as a side table.


4. Don’t forget the welcome decor
Beyond the natural features, don’t forget about the accent pieces that complete the entryway. A welcome mat that greets guests at the door, or a sign that can be seen from the edge of your driveway can emphasize the inviting oasis you want to achieve from the outside of your home. “Don’t forget to hang a gorgeous springtime wreath on the front door!”

While a small space, the entryway can be rather intimidating if you’ve never decorated it before. Don’t stress about it or any other space. Call a design consultant from Decorating Den Interiors today. It’s your home, so it should feel like yours, not from a showroom. We help bring out your style and vision for your home so you will rekindle why you fell in love in with your home in the first place.

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