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Finding Hygge in the Summer: Beating the Heat While Still Being Cozy


You know the feeling when you’re sitting by the fireplace, wrapped up in your fuzziest blanket? This sensation of ultimate warmth and bliss is called hygge — a Scandinavian word meaning cozy.

If you’ve ever experienced hygge, you most likely want your home to emulate it year-round. The problem is, you probably don’t want to be as snug as a bug in a rug when it’s 90 degrees outside. But, don’t sweat it! We’ve got design tips that can help you accomplish the ultimate feeling of comfort, even in the middle of July.

Trade your heavy bedding for light linens.

Swap Heavy Bedding for Light Linens

Switching out your bedding signals a shift from one season to the next. While winter and fall call for weighty comforters and chunky knits, the summer requires less heavy layers. Try using light fabrics like cotton or linen in whites, grays or blues. This bedding will still deliver the cozy feel without keeping you up at night from being too warm.

Think of a seaside home with a breezy design and lots of natural elements. Give your room the relaxed ambiance of a coastal getaway with simple, clean decor that will make you feel wrapped in a salty breeze and sunshine.

Feature Greenery and Bright Blooms

Greenery has the ability to make any room feel more welcoming and warm. Whether you have a green thumb or kill every plant you touch, there’s an option that can work for you. Live plants look great and often offer health benefits like improving the home’s air quality. If you want a low-maintenance alternative, fake plants or flowers look beautiful with no effort at all.

Place your foliage in the center of your dining room table, in decorative pots beside your sofa, or in large arrangements in the front room entrance. You don’t need to go full-blown jungle with house plants and flowers to elevate the mood of your house.

Featuring greenery in the dining room adds a welcoming touch.

Capitalize on Candlelight

A cheerful fireplace is the epitome of hygge, but it’s way too hot to light yours in the middle of summer. Instead, fill your home with different sizes and shapes of candles to replicate the same pleasant feel. Put them in your fireplace (if your design allows it), line them up alongside tables or put a candelabra on your coffee table. This enables you to enjoy the firelight without making your rooms too warm.

Another fun way to transition your home for the warmer months is to get pastel or bright-colored candle sticks to put around your space. Mix and match with vintage candlestick holders of varying heights to add a funky design element that still functions as a light source.

Set Up a Reading Nook

While you may not want to curl up under a knitted throw blanket and read for hours, you still deserve to escape into the pages of your book. Make this as enjoyable as possible by designating a specific space to hunker down and flip through your current read. To accomplish this, pick the perfect area. Generally, a great spot is by a window that will let in lots of natural light. And if it’s nice out, you can open the panes just a crack to let in a slight breeze.

Next, choose a chaise lounge or sofa that will be extremely comfortable for kicking your feet up and delving into a novel. Lastly, choose a side table to set your coffee or tea mugs on. This table can have cute decor that will make the corner complete.

Get Design Assistance from Decorating Den Interiors

It’s not easy to find the right balance between homey and practical when it comes to adapting your home for the heat. Luckily, our Decorating Den Interiors personal designers are experts at creating hygge in any home, no matter the season.

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