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Get your indoor patio ready for Memorial Day with these tips


It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. Since it’s a long weekend and you’ve been looking for an excuse to invite close family and friends over to your home, why not throw a party? You can arrange an outdoor get-together, crossing your fingers and hoping that the weather stays in good shape in the meantime. Or, you can get the indoor patio ready for the festivities so you can still celebrate, rain or shine.

A Memorial Day party needs more planning than creating a guest list, sending out invitations and hiring a caterer. This entertainment area needs some attention before you can accommodate your friends and family members accordingly! Here are a few ways to get your indoor patio ready before the holiday:

Store guests belongings inside
Why cramp up the patio with jackets, purses and other belongings when you can use that space to accommodate more guests? Designate a closet or spare room in your home to keep those items brought by family and friends out of the way. This helps the party space remain open and keeps a large, eye-sore of a pile from building up in the area that’s meant for entertaining. If your guests are entering the party right from the patio door, you just have to be ready to take their coats and other belongings as they enter. Not only is this a kind gesture, but it’ll keep things in order, just as you planned.

Indoor patio with blue and white decor, furnitureFollow a subtle patriotic theme for the party.

Keep traffic flow in mind
Speaking of utilizing your space to its best ability, you need to think about keeping the traffic flow steady throughout the party. Avoid cluttering the space by strategically placing your furniture in a way that directs the traffic throughout the room. Place dining furniture and seating arrangements closer to the middle of the room so guests have ample space to walk and mingle around the outskirts. You can also place tables and decor in a way that guides visitors to chairs in a stylish, yet functional way.

Follow a patriotic theme
It’s Memorial Day, after all, so why not show off that American pride? Whether you want the room to shout red, white and blue or you’d rather follow a more subtle approach, consider a patriotic theme for the get-together. Use accent pieces like flowers, candles and other decorations to give your indoor patio that all-American vibe that rings in the holiday spirit with ease.

Upgrade your furniture and accessories
Can you recall the last time you updated the furniture in your sunroom? Even though your indoor patio may be enclosed, outdoor patio furniture and styles have evolved to where they are suited for either location. Indoor/outdoor rugs are both extremely durable for the out of doors and stylish enough indoor design. Be sure to invest in pieces that put an emphasis on the overall vibe while providing the utmost comfort and functionality for you and your guests.

“Invest in furniture that puts an emphasis on the vibe while providing the utmost comfort.”

Upgrading your accessories makes sense as well, especially when you’re following a theme. A beautiful new set of chair cushions alongside a matching area rug, tablecloth and cloth napkins in shades of white and blue can bring the room together on Memorial Day. Accent with red decor to complete the space.

If you’re stressed about the idea of preparing for the party with only a month’s notice, you still have time to call a personal decorating from Decorating Den Interiors! He or she will come over to your house for a free consultation and provide tips and suggestions based on the allotted indoor patio space you have. From there, you can work together to turn it into your very own successful party venue.

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