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Getting your mudroom ready for fall


Having a mudroom in your home is a blessing. It saves you the trouble of dedicating your entryway or kitchen from being the space that everyone uses to drop off their belongings after school and work. But with the season change comes a need to spruce up the mudroom, ensuring it’s organized and capable of storing items like it’s supposed to.

Don’t let your home become a chaotic mess this fall. Make sure it’s equipped with the right tools to keep everything in order. Here are a few ways to get your mudroom ready for autumn:

Clean out the summer clutter
Before you can even start think about new mudroom tools and features for fall, you need to make sure all of the summer clutter gets put away. Pack up the flip flops, beach towels and other accessories that came in handy on the hot days. Then, go through all of the seasonal items you’ll need to put in place. Go through all of your family members’ jackets, hats and boots and decide what you’ll place in the mudroom. Then, consider donating the items that you no longer use.

Invest in new storage systems
It’s no surprise that the mudroom is going to be fuller this season, but that means you need to reconsider the current storage arrangement you have. You don’t want to let coats pile up on the random chair that becomes the designated coat shelf. Instead, consider investing in the following options to keep everything in order:

Shoe cubbies or trays – Give your family members an organized area to drop their shoes, preferably near the door.

“Reconsider your current storage arrangement.”

Small and large hooks – Install large hooks for jackets and small hooks for hats, gloves, scarves and all of the other small accessories those in your household tend to put down when the walk in, such as the keys.

These options keep everything off of the ground, or worse, toppled over the narrow table and seating area.

Roll out the indoor/outdoor area rug
Face it: This room is going to see the most traffic out of any other in your home. That’s why you need to roll out the indoor/outdoor area rug. Pick one that’s seasonal, durable and decorative to match the personality and style of your home but which hides the wear and tear that comes with fall.

Don’t forget to decorate
What’s a season change without a little transitional decor? Since so many people will likely see this area of your house, make sure you bust out the fall decorations with festive colors, candles, wreaths and other small pieces that show how much you embrace the cozy season. If you’re interested in following a theme, perhaps you’ll decorate the room for Halloween, or you can stick to traditional fall expression.

If the idea of reorganizing the mudroom and decorating it for the season change sounds more stressful than exciting for you, it’s time to reach out to a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors. Our expert will come to your house for a free consultation to evaluate the mudroom and provide insight and suggestions based on the allotted space and your ideas. Getting a room adjusted for the new season doesn’t have to be intimidating – a helping hand from a design consultant can be the push you need to make your home feel more complete this fall.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a personal decorator from Decorating Den Interiors today!

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