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Go to the lodge without leaving your home

For some, a dream vacation starts in the woods cozied up next to the fireplace in a spacious, rustic lodge. Sure, this can be a great getaway destination, but what if you're craving the vibe and atmosphere year-round? You don't need to live in a log cabin to achieve this simple and rural design theme. With the right furniture, accessories and attention to detail, you can head to the lodge without ever leaving your home in the first place.

Here are a few ways to blend natural beauty and interior design seamlessly:

Leather and wicker furniture
Indoor and patio furniture plays a large role in achieving the lodge feel. If you're focused on the inside of your house, or one room specifically, opt for leather furniture that takes on a western yet luxurious vibe. Place wicker outdoor furniture along your patio and front porch for a comforting touch.

A firewood stack
Nothing says cozy quite like a working fireplace. Instead of keeping stacks of firewood outside or stored away, put them on display in your living room. A wall of firewood adds another layer of intimacy to your space and can make a gorgeous focal point.

"A wall of firewood adds another layer of intimacy to your space."

If you're worried about keeping wood in the house, you can continue storing it outside. Just opt for a realistic faux stack indoors that keeps the idea alive. 

Cozy accessories
Before you can cuddle up next to the fireplace, incorporate a few accessories that encourage you to sit back, relax and take in the gorgeous theme. Soft, plush rustic or geometric Aztec throw pillows can complete a leather sofa effortlessly. Chunky throw blankets are also recommended, as they can help you achieve the cabin feel while adding different textures to the living space.

Faux antlers
If you're looking for an accessory that takes slightly rustic home design and turns it into a chic lodge-look with ease, antlers have the detail and feel to transform your home. Place a pair of antlers on a wooden table as a gorgeous accessory, or find a faux, hand-molded pendant light that transforms the space and creates an amazing focal point.

Wooden ladders and stools
Textures are important in a rustic, lodge theme, and wood is one that takes priority. Beyond coffee tables and bookshelves, grab a few wooden ladders and stools to place throughout the home. They can add warmth to the space and complete that rustic look you're going for.

Wooden beams make a cozy touch.Wooden beams make a cozy touch.

Natural lighting
When you're not relying on your faux antler chandelier at night, take advantage of the natural lighting during the day. Opt for large windows dressed in light, flowy window treatments that offer just enough privacy without taking from the brightness Mother Nature has to offer.

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